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10 reasons why it is totally okay to be stressed out at uni sometimes

Feeling stressed out about life and don’t know why?

Well to put it simply, university can be stressful sometimes. It is so important to remember that sometimes you’re going to feel overwhelmed, scared, angry, sad, completely over it and just done with studying. But that doesn’t make you weak. The fact that you pick yourself up and keep going makes you a total superstar.

Below are 10 reasons why it is completely okay to feel overwhelmed sometimes during semester.

  1. From week 1 to week 13 there is always something due and your brain is constantly wondering what is next.
  2. You’re trying to balance work, study, friends, family, cooking, cleaning and so much more all at once.
  3. Apart from studying you are also trying to gain volunteer experience and internships.
  4. You are asked to figure out what you want to do with your life when you are 18 or younger, that is a heavy decision for someone who has just become an adult.
  5. University life is expensive. Textbooks, food, tuition fees, accommodation and transport all add up to be quite pricey.
  6. You might live away from your family (for international students your family could be thousands of miles away) bringing added stress and pressure.
  7. A general university course requires 10 hours of study per week per subject. With a full-time load that is 40 hours before you even add all the other things you need to do.
  8. You are constantly thinking that every move you make at university could change the course of your life and future.
  9. Nobody told us how hard and expensive it was to run a house. So much cooking, cleaning, mowing and maintenance.
  10. You are constantly exposed to politicians and the public arguing about students worth and speculating about your success.

So there you have it. A whopping 10 reasons why it is totally fine for you to be freaked out at university sometimes. All things considered, you a doing a pretty fine job at coping with university life.

Next time you feel overwhelmed, pause, breathe and take a second to ground yourself. Taking yourself to a safe, quiet place where you can just reflect, relax and breathe is sometimes one of the best ways to ground yourself. Take as much time as you need to calm yourself down to a point where you can think rationally about what you need to do to get things done.

If you ever feel like you need someone to talk to check out the Student Services Counselling service, where you can find a safe environment to talk things out with someone who knows how to help. If you don’t already, follow the Student Services Facebook and Twitter pages where they post daily inspirational messages and coping information for students.

But most importantly remember: you’re amazing and you’ve got this.

Until next time – Hayley

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