17 summer travel essentials

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The winter break is a great time to travel! Like my fellow blogger, Elizabeth, I also went on an overseas holiday during the winter break. (Click here to read Elizabeth’s travel trips and see photos of her European adventure!) My holiday took me took the US and Canada. While I was there I visited family, went sight-seeing, attended a wedding, met up with old friends and made some new ones!  Listed below are some items that I relied on during my trip. You can scroll through the photo gallery below to read my comments about each item!

Photo of some of the 17 summer travel essentials

My summer travel essentials!

Summer travel essentials!

  1. Sunnies
  2. Sunblock
  3. Headphones
  4. Water bottle
  5. Camera
  6. Notebook and pen
  7. Multi-regional plug
  8. Phone and laptop chargers
  9. Band-Aids
  10. Tissues
  11. Hand sanitiser
  12. A jacket/jumper
  13. Lip balm
  14. Passport/ID
  15. A hat
  16. Comfy walking shoes
  17. Sleep!

Other handy travel tips!

Keep an eye on your Passport/ID: I know this might seem like common sense, but when you’re travelling it’s easy for things to slip your mind. When I was checking in my baggage at LAX on my way home a young couple beside me only realised at the check-in counter that they’d forgotten to pack their passports. It’s important to contact your country’s embassy (from where your passport was issued) if your passport is lost or stolen, so a new one can be sent to you.

Hand baggage: Make sure you carry a bag large enough to fit all the items you plan on using day-to-day. I took a decently sized handbag with me and a large cloth tote that I could fold up and keep in my hand bag when I wasn’t using it.

When packing bags: Remember when travelling by plane that your handbag/carry-on baggage isn’t too large or heavy otherwise airport staff might insist that it needs to be checked in, which is never good for your spending money!

The before and after: To avoid extra baggage fees, double check weight requirements before you pack and remember to weigh your bags when you’ve finished packing! Carrying in-hand or wearing your heavier clothing items is a good way to lighten your luggage. Think large coats, jeans, boots etc.

Don’t over pack: If you’re intending to shop (like I did!) try and leave some space in your bag for the things you’re planning on buying!

Smile: I completely agree with what Elizabeth mentioned in her post about taking a smile with you while travelling. The tour bus driver on the way to the Grand Canyon told us something pretty similar when crossing the Arizona border (where there are mandatory police checks), “Now, when you see the nice police officer don’t forget to smile!” This can also can be applied when meeting customs/immigration officials 🙂

Erika at some gardens in downtown LA

Fun in downtown LA!

A sense of humour goes a long way too. Not everything goes the way we want it to when travelling, even with thorough planning and our best intentions. My advice would be to not let the small inconveniences influence how you feel about your entire trip. Keep in mind the happy moments!

disneyland fireworks 4th of july practice

Disneyland fireworks, a practice run for the 4th of July festivities!

If I’ve missed one of your travel essentials please share them with us in the comments! If you’ve just come back from a trip, let us know where you went. Safe travels for those that are still travelling or about to set off! Good luck to all of us planning our next trip, I’ve already started!

 –        Erika


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