47 thoughts during laundry day

Feet poking out of a washing machine
  1. Maybe I could wear this shirt for a few more days…
  2. Nope. All out of clothes.
  3. The laundry basket is overflowing. As is the “almost dirty clothes” chair.
  4. Fine. I give up. Let’s do this.
  5. How can fabric be this heavy? What does this basket actually weigh?
  6. Do I have coins? Why do the machines only accept gold coin donations?
  7. I’m out of fabric softener. Guess I’ll have to survive.
  8. How can we not have a washing machine in the flat?
  9. Only three doors between me and the laundromat, I can do this.
  10. If I hold the door with my foot and twist my body I can open the door and get through without putting the basket down.
  11. Bad idea. Let’s not multitask.
  12. Just one more road to cross and then it’s time to do this thing.
  13. Why didn’t I sort these things at home?
  14. Score! Two machines right next to each other are free!
  15. I really should have sorted this before I got here, this system is not ideal at all.Does light blue go with colours or white?
  16. White. The colour one is already full.
  17. ”Hot. Warm. Cold.” Very specific classifications right there.
  18. I’m sure all my clothes will survive on ”hot”.
  19. There is no way I’m going to wash my bras by hand. I don’t care what that handwritten sign says.
  21. Can’t believe I have to pay another seven dollars for the dryer. Guess it’s rice noodles for dinner the rest of the week.
  22. 23 minutes. I wonder if it’s safe enough to leave…
  23. I have things to do, places to be. I’ll just set the timer on my phone.
  24. So, assignment time. And Youtube time. It’s a great way to time something.
  25. Why is my alarm ringing? Not even I plan to wake up at 3:20pm. Probably just a mistake, I’ll just keep pretending to work as I return to the land of Youtube.
  26. I have this weird feeling I’ve forgotten something.
  27. Hang on…
  28. Someone will have stolen it. It will be gone. I’m the worst human being ever. I should lose my license to be an adult.
  29. Praise the gods, no one stole my underwear!
  30. Let’s haul this thing to the dryer without dropping any socks.
  31. Only four dropped socks this time, a new personal best.
  32. I’d forgotten they have cameras in here. Is putting bras in the dryer a severe enough crime for them to check those cameras?
  33. Screw it, let’s just put all of it in.
  34. Someone didn’t use all their time? Victory is mine!
  35. Oh no, my coin got stuck. On top of another coin. Guess that generosity was imagined.
  36. If I slap the front of the dryer, I’m sure the coin will just drop.
  37. Okay, what about poking it with a pencil?
  38. Bobby pin?
  39. Guess I’ve destroyed a bobby pin.
  40. Keys! Long, hard, thin metal. Obvious solution.
  41. Aha! I should just change my name to MacGyver.
  42. How many coins did I put in there?
  43. Well, at least it will be dry.
  44. Not going to stay here for almost an entire hour.
  45. I’ll just go home and watch Youtube for a while. Or do my assignment. I feel better if I convince myself I’ll do the latter even if I know I’ll end up on Youtube.
  46. Why did my alarm go off?
– Ida


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  • Larissa
    May 14, 2014 at 8:05 pm

    This is the best read Ida!

  • Alina
    July 10, 2014 at 10:56 am

    That’s a funny one! Good that I have my laundry room 🙂