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5 subtle differences, England vs Australia

I have lived in England for twenty two years and I have moved down under to experience something different, a new challenge in my studies. Here are five of the biggest categories that influence my particular experience and which country wins each category…


I have never driven in Australia however I do drive when I’m in England. Driving in England is frustrating at the best of times; narrow roads, traffic and the pointlessness of average speed check areas. In Australia most people drive automatics, (where are the manuals?) people seem to hog the overtaking lanes on the motorway and I see many dents and scrapes on cars. It’s a close call because English drivers from my experience are very arrogant and inconsistent, but due to the sheer number of dents and scrapes I see on Aussie cars, England wins the first point.

Green man lit up at traffic crossing


In England the supermarket food is very average; I don’t think English people are particularly adventurous with their food. We don’t have much variety in flavours, we don’t really cook food and we’re very focussed on instant meals. Here in Oz it’s different, when I go out to buy food, whether it is in a supermarket or at a food place, I find that there’s a really large variety of food to choose from. In comparison to England the sheer amount of exotic food available and the quality of it means I have to give this point to Australia.

6 types of icecream


Whilst England and Australia have cultural similarities, we’re also completely different. For instance, Australians live very close to the beach and beach life is an important part of Australian culture. In England we have stereotypes of drinking tea with the Queen, however having lived in England for 22 years I can say that the Australian way of life is much better, the best us Brits have to offer are a few fields and castles, they’re interesting but they’re just not Australia.

Australian Beach Vista


On one hand you have the English countryside, garden birds, foxes, rabbits and ducks are regular sights. On the other you have snakes, spiders, sharks and so many creatures that can kill you. Even lizards just sit there chilling. How do I give this point though? Do I give it to the less deadly set of creatures, or the really awesome and huge variety of Aussie creatures? Point to Australia.

Wildlife - Australian parrot perched on someones arm eating seed


Since I started studying art at Griffith University, I’ve found myself more motivated and more inspired by my surroundings. I’ve placed this category last because as a student of art, often the overall environment plays a huge part. I’m the kind of person that needs constant change to stay inspired, England has been my home for 22 years and so naturally I have exhausted most of its inspiration. The vastness of this unique country, together with the sheer amount of fresh inspiration and how I’m never bored here allows me to easily give this point to Australia.

Australian sunset


Okay so I think the English are better drivers, but Australia just has so much that England doesn’t. Amazing food and variety, a laid back and enjoyable atmosphere, extremely interesting wildlife and of course that all helps me to be the best I can be while I’m studying.

With a convincing victory of 4-1… Australia, you’re awesome.

– Jordan

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