5 tips to staying healthy at uni

5 Simple tips to staying healthy at uni

5 Simple tips to staying healthy at uni

With semester 2 already in full swing, its time to snap out of holiday mode and get into some form of routine (even if it is a bit out of whack). While your life may be crazy, you need to make sure your health is top notch to get you through to your next break! Here are my top 5 tips for staying healthy when you life is getting too much to handle.

1. Sleep

By now you’ve probably got a lot of readings and lectures to do or catch up on, maybe even a Netflix series to finish. But don’t forget that in order for you body to function properly you need to be getting adequate sleep (that’s about 8-9 hours most nights). Forget staying up pulling all nighters, try becoming a morning person. Go to sleep early, wake up refreshed and ready to do something efficient with your mornings.

#protip Naps are great too, keep them under 2 hours.

2. Food

Ever heard that saying you get out what goes in? Same applies to your body, so make sure you’re putting in the good stuff! Having a healthy diet doesn’t mean sacrificing taste or $$$, it just means maybe a little less mi goreng. Instead of buying a greasy meal or spending big bucks on ‘health foods’, pack your own lunch (see my post about great salad). As for that 3 o’clock slump we know all too well, having snacks handy like a handful of nuts, veg and dip or yogurt pots is a sure way to give yourself a boost. Don’t forget that the brain uses a large amount of calories to function so you need to keep it working at its best.

#protip Meal prep is a great idea if you lack time or motivation at meal time

3. Exercise

They say health is 80% diet and 20% exercise, and being a uni student there’s no doubt you spend most of your time on your bum at the computer desk! Feeling slugglish? Get up and move! Go outside for a walk or run, become one with nature and the fresh air. Of course you have the option of a gym too. Lacking the motivation, grab a mate to join you, or join a group fitness class. If you don’t feel like paying fees, check out all of the online workout options there are – do it in the comfort of you home or out at a park. Don’t forget to hit up your uni for group/social sports clubs and get involved!

#protip Uni’s usually have a free classes or trial weeks – why not give it a shot?!

4. Mindfullness

Health is as much about physical well being, as it is about mental. Stress or balancing uni, a job and life in general can have a massive impact on your mental state. Make sure to always take some time for you – light a candle, read a book, have a bath, just take some time to be in the moment and forget about everything else. Don’t forget to have somewhat of a social life too, being around friends makes us happy and uni shouldn’t get in the way of that. Check out your app store for some great mindfulness apps that help you stay on track and ok.

5. Poison

There is no doubt that for a number of you alcohol is a big part of uni life, partying and getting drunk is almost a right of passage. But hey, ease up turbo because we how know how bad that stuff is for us, and so it’s no wonder we’re either vomiting or in bed feeling crap next day. Alcohol is toxic to the body, so maybe think twice before having that 5th shot. Save the big nights for occasions and when you do have a big one try to drink in moderation.

So, hopefully my tips have helped and you can start to do what’s right for you and your body. Keep yourself healthy and you will be better!!

– Chelcie


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