6 thoughts at Costco

Inside Costco, Northlakes

The other day I went to Costco at Northlakes. A big American brand company here in Brissie? I had to check it out. These were my top 6 emotions whilst at Costco.

1. Shock

When I entered, I was in awe. Seriously, you know how Bunnings is big? Well, Costco was about 5 times bigger! At least! Everything was piled in bulk, sky-high! And super sized. I was stunned!

2. Excitement!

Did I just see what I thought I did? Stuff I like in bulk ?? These are so much cheaper than individual packets at the local stores!..- That Black Forest cake? Twice as big and half the price!  Time to buy a few things!

3.  Slight disappointment

Not much of a health food section. Organic cold pressed coconut oil (check!), some alternative flours, chia seeds and spirulina (check!)? Yep. Pretty much nothing else that I could find.

4. Joy?

Did I just see a Vitamix? Seriously?! They have everything in here, from food, to appliances, to warehouse tools and…I just saw a Vitamix. It’s a sign. Must put that on my shopping list for next time.

5. More joy??

I smell food! Hotdogs and choc-cherry sundaes for sale and the servings are HUGE! I hope I don’t tip this sundae that’s already starting to leak. It’s tough juggling a big box with a sundae in tow.

6. Satisfaction

Well… I think I’ll be back. It has been quiet an interesting shopping trip. Lots of lollies, food platters etc… pretty much anything you can imagine. A big tick! I’ll definitely be going back and seeing the Christmas stock soon. Why don’t you go and have a visit and tell me what you think? Slight warning though, you may need at least an hour. Getting lost will happen frequently or distractions may occur!

Costco haul

What I ended up buying

– Larissa


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  • Kevin
    November 13, 2014 at 4:33 pm

    Hi Larssa, nice review. Was it still packed when you went to Costco? I tried going a month after it opened, and it was way too packed so didn’t end up going in.

  • Avatar photo
    December 22, 2014 at 4:26 pm

    Hello Kevin. I am very sorry for the late reply as I have only just realised there was a comment! Thankyou for reading. It is better to go to Costco on the weekday as it is very packed, let alone at Christmas time. I hope this helps:)