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A peek into Open Day

Open Day banner

Walking onto campus, you could feel that the energy that day was a little different… People were everywhere and sounds of music acts and live radio shows filled the air. This is all because on August 10, 2014, it was Open Day at Griffith University’s Gold Coast campus. There was no lack of things to do and learn throughout the entire campus. You were greeted by smiling faces all wearing their iconic red shirts and quickly given your first Griffith SWAG (Stuff We All Get). All the questions that you have about Griffith start racing through your brain, but don’t worry, someone will be able to answer them. You could hop onto a campus tour, head down and talk to people about any degree you were thinking about or grab a free Red Bull, but I know I would’ve been searching for stickers to enter to win either a $2,000 travel certificate or a mini iPad. There were countless tours of Griffith facilities, such as the music studios, places for food, coffee, and all the free stuff you could hope for. If you couldn’t make it to Open Day, I’ve collected some information from what caught my eye on the day. Competitin Zone at Open Day

Competition Zone

What would’ve caught your attention… A chance to win either $2,000 for travel or an iPad Mini.

What they would want you to know:

  1. How fabulous Griffith University is.
  2. Range of degrees offered at Griffith.
  3. That we no longer struggle with parking at the Gold Coast campus because of the amazing light rail.

Sciences touch tank at Open Day

Griffith Sciences

What would’ve caught you attention… Their very own touch tank with live animals and tons of other hands on experiments.

What they would want you to know:

  1. Science is broad and you can do anything with it. So, don’t be afraid of it.
  2. “Mathematics is the Queen of science.” Carl Friedrich Gauss said this and Griffith Sciences reminds you that maths are involved in everything!
  3. Physics is the fundamental science. (There may have been a small competition of what science is the best going on…)

Queensland College of Art at Open Day

 Queensland College of Art

What would have caught your eye… The musicians on stage or the fairy floss in the arts building could have lead you to this booth, or maybe it was just everyone’s cool shirts and art.

What they would want you to know:

  1. All about their Bachelor of Digital Media, whether it was the on screen elements or creating physical objects.
  2. That the degree is fully based at the Gold Coast and there are about 1/3 international students.
  3. How they are more focused on creative applications of technologies instead of separating technology from the creative process.

Post Graduate plants

Postgraduate Studies

What would have caught your eye… That you could pick up a Grow Your Career plant. There was a mix of many different herbs so they were all different.

What they would want you to know:

  1. There are a lot of different pathways to the degree that you want.
  2. How important the real world experience offered in your courses are.
  3. That there are plenty of support services on campus.

Student Guild Tent at Open Day

 Student Guild

What would have caught your eye… Posters of all the different trips, events, and services that the Student Guild provides. (It was the free fairy floss that caught my eye.) What they would want you to know:

  1. That the Student Guild can complement your study and enhance your experience at Uni.
  2. They are run by a board of students, which enables them to create programs that students ACTUALLY want to attend.
  3. How convenient and affordable Uni Fitness is for students.

Griffith Uni Village Booth at Open Day

Griffith University Village

What would have caught your eye… The chance to win a free iPad! Also, the friendly students that live in the Village that were there.

What they would want you to know:

  1. That the Village is much fun!
  2. It is more like a community, or better yet a family there. Everyone looks out for each other.
  3. That you will be able to make lifelong friends in the Village from all over the world, which could come in handy when trying to travel the world.


Global Mobility

What would have caught your eye… Being able to get your photo taken in front of their green screen that could put you anywhere in the world!

What they would want you to know:

  1. That they had one of the funnest booths at Open Day with their photo opportunity. Check out the photos on their Facebook page.
  2. That they were giving away free Tim Tams, which is something you’ll become obsessed with if you’re an international student.
  3. You should study at Griffith and take advantage of the Global Mobility program to enrich your degree.

There it is! Some of the best parts of Open Day all wrapped up nicely. If you found these interesting, it was not even half of what you could experience by attending Griffith’s Open Day. Hope to see you next year!

– Jennifer


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