A tale of whale

Boat on Gold Coast waters

I remember when my Australian home-stay family came down they made a whole list of things to be done while I’m in South East Queensland. And one of the top priorities was whale watching. Well it took me a year to do it.
As you might know from May to November Gold Coast turns into one of the best stages to see those creatures.

I must confess that I hesitated to do it because while I used to live in Cairns I discovered that I can get awfully seasick. Never expected it as I was born next to the sea and going out on the yacht in summer was the normal thing to do.

And then solution appeared! Crystallized ginger. Very weird, very simple. Turns out that it helps to overcome seasickness. Thanks to all gods imaginable I was safe and sound and we would never know if the ocean was good to me or whether it was ginger magic.

So we went whale watching! Another confession. I expected much more. I saw all those promotion pictures and thought that they will be jumping out like crazy 🙂 Nope, they did not.

But we saw family care and protection at its purest, as we found mother and her newborn calf, and, apparently, two males serving as guard.

I saw tails! You can see them too on my pictures.

Even though I was not very impressed by whales, which is okay, I was happy to get to see Gold Coast from the ocean and I should say that it totally paid off. Even if you are not fan of whales, go for a trip to open ocean and see beautiful skyscrapers, mountains and beaches. It’s gorgeous!

On top of all said above I got into some unexpected friendships which worth much more than anything.

So, go! Explore! Find new friends! Change your perspective!

– Alina

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