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A typical Australian Christmas

Australian Christmas lunch

Not sure what a traditional Australian Christmas looks like? Even though it’s in the middle of our hot summer, we enjoy celebrating Christmas as much as anyone else. However, yes you’re right, our Christmas does look a little different.

I think it’s pretty obvious to say that on Christmas we don’t indulge in eggnog by the fireplace in our oh-so fashionable reindeer jumpers. Instead you’ll find us pool or beach side, sipping on a refreshing drink, eating prawns and mangoes.

If that doesn’t create a colourful visual for you, let me list out my top five Australian Christmas traditions.

1. Backyard cricket

There’s nothing quite like backyard cricket to bond a family together. It’s usually played after lunch just when the guilt of overeating settles in. No one bothers keeping score as the game usually ends either when everyone is sick of playing, the ball goes missing or an older family member pulls a muscle.

In this video, Australian cricket legend Michael Clark shares his rules and tips when it comes to backyard cricket.

2. Pavlova

Australian pavlova
An Aussie icon and a perfect treat for summer. For those who are new to the pavlova (known as ‘pavs’ to Aussies), it’s a dessert with meringue, cream and fresh fruit. Simply delicious 🎂😋

Bring the taste of an Australian Christmas to your home, here is a pavlova recipe with a step-by-step video.

3. Prawns

Prawns at Christmas
Another food staple at the Christmas table is our bright orange friends – prawns (otherwise known as shrimps). They’re usually laid out over ice for everyone to graze on throughout the afternoon. Although this tradition does come at a cost – queuing at the local seafood market for sometimes hours on Christmas Eve.

4. Christmas lunch

In many cultures around the world the main Christmas meal is dinner. Whereas in Australia we enjoy celebrating over a big Christmas lunch with family and friends. At night we’re either sleeping from eating too much pav or scrounging on leftovers from lunch.

5. Camping trips

Camping in AustraliaCamping in Australia
For many Australians, we like to take advantage of the holidays and warm weather by going camping. The less fun part of this experience is packing the car and dealing with holiday traffic, but you are generously rewarded when you wake up a step from the ocean.

I hope this has given you some insight into a typical Aussie Christmas. While everyone has different traditions around the world, Christmas is a time to be kind to one another and spread the joy!

What is your Christmas tradition? Share in the comments box below.

– Bronwyn (Guest Blogger)

Bronwyn is the Digital Marketing Officer for Griffith International. She was born and raised on the Gold Coast and is proud to showcase Australia to the rest of the world. In her spare time she enjoys being in the outdoors and travelling.



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