A week in Southern New Zealand – Part 1

About 2,500km away from Brisbane, the South Island of New Zealand may be at the top of the travel bucket-list for students. Clear lakes, thousands of mountains and colossal glaciers, all those things are only seen on the South Island. So now is the time to explore some of the more adventurous and breathtaking views New Zealand has to offer.

Without further ado, here we are spending 7 days in southern New Zealand.


Christchurch Airport



Kira ora!! We wake up to the sound of birds singing, in Christchurch, the city that is the largest in the south island and the third populous city.


Christchurch Cathedral

Christchurch Cathedral

A lot has changed in this city in recent years due to two big earthquakes and it is still on the road to recovery. The earthquake destroyed many buildings including the symbol of the city, the Christchurch Cathedral famous for its beautiful design. However, if you look hard at the city, you would see that it is worth a visit. Probably most Australian citizens have never experienced devastating earthquakes, and might not have experienced such a long disaster recovery process. In Christchurch, you are seeing the invisible energy of people determined to rebuild and regrow their city.

Day2//Franz Josef Glacier

Franz Josef

Famous for its magnificent glacier, Franz Josef is one of the adventure towns in the south of New Zealand. Franz Josef itself might be a small town, but it has loads of primordial nature and mystery.

Franz Josef Glacier

Franz Josef Glacier

Small water fall

Once you step into the valley, a blue glacier and smoky river will be waiting to impress you. You can also see small waterfalls tumbling down the high cliffs and countless striped rocks that make up the mountain.

A Helicopter tour, a glacier valley walk, or a guided ice explorer tour are a great way to see the glacier in front of your very eyes. After a brief climb you will be rewarded with stunning views.

Kayak in Franz Josef

Franz Josef is also known as a beautiful place for lake kayaking. Complete with a life-saving jacket and waterproof suit, it’s time to sail into a crystal clear lake. When you stop paddling and just float on the water, you can see the vista like nowhere else in the world, quieter than anywhere I’ve ever seen. Close your eyes and feel the beauty of the lake and hear the sound of waves and birds singing.

If you are satisfied with how beautiful stars shine for you, let’s leave Franz Josef and head over to one of the most beautiful places in the world.


We know, it’s early morning yet, but the Jetboat is not a bad alarm clock to wake you up. You probably haven’t experienced flying down a river at 70 km/h or a thrilling 360° spin in a boat. It is the most exciting 60 minutes in Queenstown. Be sure not to wear sunglasses, you are just gonna drop them!




If there was one thing that kept surprising me, it was the crystal clear water and milky sky blue water. You can see two types of sceneries in a day. I assure you, you will be amazed at the most beautiful and breathtaking scenery on the south island, perhaps, the most beautiful in the world. If you are looking foa a tour provider in Queenstown I can recommend Funyak.

So don’t forget a nice camera and go explore Queenstown!

– Kento

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