A week in Southern New Zealand – Part 2

In Part 1 of this 7 day journey in New Zealand, you saw our first day experience in Christchurch, then we drove down to see Franz Josef Glacier on our second day, followed by our action-packed day in Queenstown. Take a look at what we did for the rest of our trip.

Day4// Milford Sound

A day trip to Milford Sound started early in the morning from Queenstown. The journey to Milford Sound takes approximately five hours each way, what a drive, honestly, but just wait until you see the stunning scenery.

Seeing as though we are driving all that way, we may as well squeeze in some sight seeing. The drive down to Milford Sound is amazing and the scenery kept getting better as we were getting closer to our destination.

The first thing we saw in Milford Sound is the boat that we will be catching to go inside the sound. A wonderful way to have fun here is on a scenic boat tour because you can go up close to the steep mountains and waterfalls. Now we have been rewarded with one of the most picturesque scenes at last.

After finishing our visit to Milford Sound, let’s head to our next stop.


Staying in Dunedin, known as the Edinburgh of New Zealand, might be a little tea break in our 7 day trip. You might find the South Island is all about adventure, but you don’t see much of this in Dunedin, one of the best cities in NZ. Still, Dunedin is surrounded by dramatic hills and at the foot of a long harbour.

Day6//Lake Ohau

Lets kick off our second last day with a mind-blowing lake. Ohau town is very small and quiet, with some hostels. You either love or hate… No correct my words… I assure you are going to like it! Because I had no words to explain how beautiful the lake is. I felt I was in the desktop background in the computer.

I was sad to lay my head down that night at the lake, the fact that my journey is about to end.


The last leg of our journey is going to end in Christchurch. Back to Christchurch, you’ve just spent 7 days in southern New Zealand and you might be confused about your feelings by missing your country and New Zealand.

I will never forget what I have seen, heard, felt, touched and tasted in the great country.

I am not sure when is the next time, but mark my words. I will be back.

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