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Are you in a healthy relationship?

There are several different types of relationships- family relationships, romantic relationships, friendships, professional relationships and acquaintanceship. In all of them, the common denominator is that they should be mutually respectful, positive, balanced, and healthful.

Relationships can be enjoyable, as with anything else in life, but they can also be difficult, and there is no “one size fits all.” There is no instruction manual to guarantee your relationship will be fine, but surely there are some signs to say if your relationship is good! Whilst studying abroad, it’s so important to ensure the new relationships you build are positive relationships, as your main support network may be quite far away in your home country.

Studies have shown that you are more likely to have better mental wellbeing when you are in a healthy relationship. It is incredibly important to find yourself in the company of the right people. Identify the moments you felt good about yourself, the decisions you made and the people who supported you when you were away from home, making new connections and experiencing Uni life. If you feel positive about your relationships it could be because there’s mutual understanding, better communication, support and encouragement that generates trust and brings you joy.

If there are unrealistic expectations, judgment, inappropriate language, and a persistent sense of guilt, of not having enough, then you may have an unhealthy relationship. That has the potential to make you unhappy and can have a negative effect on different aspects of your life. Speak to someone you believe in at home or at Griffith. When it comes to healthy relationships, Griffith provides tonnes of support around the ways relationships should feel and sound. If you or someone you know has any concerns regarding their relationships then please get in touch with the Griffith Counselling & Wellbeing.


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