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Computer labs on the Gold Coast

It is good to find out we have many new students enrolled in this semester. Griffith has supplied several different computer rooms and labs for students’ study activities. However, sometimes in the peak study hours, it can be a bit difficult to find a vacant computer to use in the public computer rooms. Therefore, I personally highly encourage students to use the private computer rooms and computer labs of their own school for their study. That way students can have a better study experience and avoid the service pressure of public computer rooms. All the computer rooms and labs have printers, so everything can be done at the same place.

I’ve marked up this Gold Coast Campus Map with both the public and limited access computer rooms that can be used for study. Please note: not all of them can be accessed all the time. For more information about Student Computing check out: griffith.edu.au/student-computing

Gold Coast campus computer access map.

Gold Coast campus computer access map. Click to enlarge.


  • G02 Room_1.26F,1.26G,1.26H (24h)
  • G05 Room_3.36
  • G10 Library Level 1
  • G10 Room_2.50 Study Lounge (24h)
  • G23 Level 1 Learning Center
  • G27 Room_1.09
  • G30 Room_2.03

Limited Access

  • G01 Room_3.38 (Division of Information Services Computer Lab)
  • G11 GUMURRII Student Support Unit
  • G23 Level 2 ICT Lab
  • G39 Room_1.21 (Science, Engineering & Architecture Computer Lab)


 – Adam



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