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Connecting To An Expansive Network Through Griffith Industry Mentoring

“Every great achiever

is inspired

by a great mentor.”

– Lailah Gifty Akita

As a final year international student at Griffith University, one of my major concerns is how I will successfully secure a job in my field after completing my degree in Australia. I have had a number of opportunities to engage with many volunteering activities at Griffith University over the years however, no matter how much volunteering I did, it was not adequate enough to learn about the career perspective of a Business Analyst. I needed to learn from a highly experienced individual that was in the Information Technology industry and who was capable of providing guidance on my career aspirations.

I fortuitously applied for the Griffith Industry Mentoring Program T1, 2018 program where I had the opportunity to choose my own mentor by matching our profiles.

My mentor is a highly experienced senior Business Analyst in the Information and Technology industry and we get to meet on a weekly basis. I feel connected to a professional field, as all our conversations are formal and professional. My mentor reviewed my professional resume and gave feedback and ideas about what employers are looking for in a resume. I applied to several job opportunities using my updated resume and I was delighted to have positive feedback from the organisations. Moreover, my mentor assisted in reviewing my cover letters so I am now confident to write business cover letters according to my industry.

My mentor helped me to gain a wider perspective of the role of a Business Analyst. He helped me understand that my hard work at uni is connected to my future career. I found that my mentor was accomodating and very easy to work with and helped me to discover opportunities to become successful in my career. He helped me not only with my career development, but also currently helps with my university work. He spends his time reading my assignments and providing feedback where necessary.


By taking part in this mentoring program, I have enhanced my networking, transferable and communication skills. I have also had the opportunity to meet business executives in my career field. The most valuable thing which I gained thus far from this program, is being able to expand my network. I am becoming more confident day by day to achieve my professional goals.

As an international student, I believe that the Griffith Industry Mentoring Program is a wonderful tool to assist in creating achievable goals and building a pathway to your professional career. It gives you the opportunity to meet new people and to learn more about your profession with industry professionals. As you work along with these professionals and executives, you will become confident about what you need and the direction you should go. I would like to give my gratitude to Griffith University for organising such a  program for university students to be Remarkable.

Learn more about the Griffith Industry Mentoring Program here.

Its never too late to plan your way to achieve your dream job. A successful mentor will help you to achieve your target.

– Shasthri



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