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Copenhagen Adventures

Boats on Nyhavn Canal

Hej! My name is Rose and I’m a 3rd year Health Science student at Griffith about to embark on the trip of a lifetime. I would have never considered the possibility of even going on an exchange if I hadn’t had a good friend go to Malta the year before me, and in my eyes it opened a world of opportunities. So I’m off to Copenhagen, Denmark! One of the coldest (in my opinion) and most expensive cities in the world!

Saying goodbye to my family at the airport was so surreal. It didn’t feel like I was leaving at all because it was so hard to imagine not seeing them for 6 months!

Rose and twin sister at the airport

With my twin sister at Brisbane Airport

Finally, after a grueling 21 hours of flying, I was in Copenhagen, and I fell in love in a heartbeat. The streets were beautiful, the people were beautiful, the weather was not so beautiful but it didn’t matter because I was here.

Upon my arrival, mentors from the University of Copenhagen met me at the airport, and it was such an awesome start to my overseas experience to be met by some of the locals. They showed me around the not-so-touristy parts and told me all the little details from which supermarkets to shop at and where to find cheap coffee. Luckily for me, everyone in Denmark has had to learn English from the 3rd grade so communicating with people was a lot easier than anticipated.

Boats on Nyhavn Canal

Nyhavn Canals- the only sunny day I have had here so far!

University here hasn’t started yet, so at the moment I’m just visiting all the sights this beautiful city has to offer. From the famous Nyhavn Canals, to the Royal Palace, Denmark could not be a more gorgeous place.

I can’t wait to start university here and learn more about this beautiful city and culture!

Until next time,

Rose xx


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