Cruise to Fraser Island

Fraser Island cruise boat

Fraser Island is the world’s largest sand island in the world stretching over 1,840 km. It was listed as World Heritage (WH) by UNESCO in 1992. It is only about a four hour drive from Brisbane. However, there are multiple other options available as well to get to this magnificent island, like air, coach, train, ferry and cruise.

I chose to travel to Fraser Island through a cruise, starting my journey from Portside Wharf Brisbane. This area is really popular for its weekend night food market called Eat Street Markets. If you have not checked it out yet, it is a must visit. The cruise I took had twelve decks to accommodate more than 1500 passengers. I was happy to meet travellers from all parts of Australia and abroad.

Here are a few photos from my recent holiday.


The view of Brisbane CBD, high rise buildings and snake like Brisbane River offers such an incredible view from Deck 12.


As the cruise makes it way out of Brisbane port and starts its long journey into the Coral Sea the views gets even more gripping.



It was a first time experience for me in this gigantic cruise and I enjoyed every bit of it. From poolside parties to sunsets, it was one complete world.


For me the journey to Fraser Island offered more than I excepted. However, the highlight remains the white sand of Fraser Island and tall green eucalyptus trees. This magnificent view stretches over 120 kilometres in length.


There are multiple things to do while at the island, like rainforest walks, snorkelling at Maheno Shipwreck and taking a dip in Lake McKenzie. There are few options at the beach as well including paddle boarding and kayaking.


If you are looking to lay by the beach, soak up sun and enjoy this nature’s wonder make sure to stay close to this tent…


However I am back and as usual the city life engulfs us in worldly activities, but one picture that resonates within me every day is this one… This sums up everything for me. The mighty sea, deep blue water and the calming sounds of waves!




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