Time to load up…on food!

Sign, Eat Street Markets Brisbane

I’ve been food deprived… Good food, I mean. And if there’s one thing in life that you can be sure about (besides death and taxes), it’s the joy of eating yummy food!

So when I went to Eat Street Markets for my birthday with my family (after checking it out on Instagram, of course), I was so happy!

I got there early, around 5, so there were plenty of car parks. Free, I might add. Aside from the  $2 entry fee, we were able to start and weave our way around the place. It’s not big, but boy, you want to come here on an empty stomach! Everything is so cheap. Most of it is around the $10-20 mark.  There was pasta, breads, desserts, noodles, dumplings and even knick knack items. Some of the stalls had wacky names but all the food was great! I had prepared a takeaway box for the stuff I couldn’t eat.

I tried okonomiyaki for the first time (I’m hooked now!), a fake cronut, potato slices with secret seasoning, marshmallows, and the rest… There was live music and a friendly atmosphere and it reminded me of the designer markets and food shops on Nimmanhaemin Rd (ChiangMai).

When you’re in town and don’t know what to eat, come to the markets!  They are well worth it. My only complaint is that they close too early (10pm on Saturdays). They should stay open much later… because I could seriously spend the whole night, going from stall to stall, eating…

– Larissa





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