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Tips on how to look fresh on campus without breaking the bank.

Before I started Uni I remember people telling me “no one cares what you look like” or “you can wear you pyjamas to class and no one would notice”. This is a lie! Everyone at Uni (especially the girls) looks on point, sure there are people with no style at all, at least they’re giving it a go. But alas we are all ‘poor Uni students’ and fashion probably isn’t high on your priority list, so here are my tips on being a savy shopper.


If you’re not on this bandwagon yet, jump on! UniDays is a FREE to join website for students that basically gives you discount codes to over 50 stores just for being a student. Some of my personal favourite stores featured on UniDays are ASOS, the Iconic, DISSH and MarketHQ, but there are plenty more for guys and girls alike! All you need to do is head to UniDays to register your student status and you’re set!
#protip Unidays doesn’t just cater for fashion, stores such as Apple, Bellabox and Optus are featured too!

Outlet Shopping

These places are great; think along the lines of DFO or Harbour Town. They are basically the OP Shop of the retail stores. Outlet shops get all of the leftovers that retailers can’t sell and give them to you for bargain prices (hello up to 70% off). So it’s last season, you’re at Uni not fashion week – no one cares. Outlets also tend to sell ‘sample sizes’ (which is great if you are petite like me) at massively discounted prices. Discounts will vary from week to week, so there’s never really a bad time to hit up one of these places.
#protip at Gold Coast Harbour Town you can register for a guest or VIP card at the information center, which gives you extra discounts at select stores.

Op Shopping

Since Macklemore’s hugely popular song, ‘thrift’ or ‘vintage’ shopping has actually become somewhat trendy. To be honest this isn’t for everyone, personally I don’t Op Shop – I feel weird knowing someone else has worn the clothes (germaphobe). But if you’re okay with it, Op Shops are a great place to score some nifty and super unique pieces at a low cost. Op Shopping also help support great foundations like Lifeline and Vinnies (check out their websites for store locations). So if you don’t mind sorting through a whole bunch of stuff for that one off piece, go for it!
#protip Op Shops also sell other goods such as homewares, appliances and books so keep an eye out!

Some other things to keep in mind to look good and save your money.

  1. Always have your student card with you. Some stores will offer discounts to you just for being a student. If there is no obvious sign, ask an assistant!
  2. Load up on basics. Never underestimate how many different outfits you can get out of a plain white tee or pair of jeans (the limit does not exist).
  3. Quality over quantity. Don’t be scared to spend a little more on something of quality. Look at them as investments that you know will last.
  4. Outfit repeat. Dare I say it, everyone is too busy with their own Uni work and lives to care that you wore that dress last Thursday.
  5. Accessories are key. Make any outfit stand out or different by changing up the accessories, add a hat, belt or scarf and voilà new outfit.

But also don’t forget to #treatyo’self every now and then.

– Chelcie


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