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Gallivanting Griffith gal – part 1


As Malli and I arrived at Camp Koonjewarre in the scenic mountains of Springbrook, we noticed all of the Griffith Mates returning from what would have been a beautiful bush walk.


We had made it in time for dinner! Oh, and of course, we made it in time to mingle with the new and old Mates. It was fantastic to see some familiar faces, as 2 months away from the Mates family is a long time; but it was even better to see the fresh and excited faces of the newbies.

However, before I could even think of sitting down and enjoying a meal with the Mates, I had to find a place to sleep for the night. Luckily, Camille had saved me a bed in her cabin. I walked in and immediately there was a challenge that I had to face.

I know, you all must be thinking, “Geez, this chick must have walked in a danger zone, finding scary challenges on and around every corner?!!”, but no dear reader, it’s nothing like that.

For most people, this room would not have been a challenge, but for someone like me who generally struggles with coordination and quick reflexes, a bunk bed is a thing to fear! (Keep reading, there is more to come about this epic and possibly treacherous challenge)

After dumping my bags in the room, we all headed off to dinner, which consisted of Lara and I making constant jokes about My Kitchen Rules and singing songs from only the best singers that ever existed, yes that’s right BACKSTREET BOYS!

I had organized a small cooking activity for after dinner for those who were interested. I couldn’t believe how many people joined in to lend a hand. It was absolutely lovely! Everyone was doing a brilliant job. Pete and Manu would have been proud, but was there enough sauce?? After we all finished making the Oreo Truffles, Chocolate Rice Bubble Slice, Pizza Pinwheels and Garlic Cheese Chips, we ate once more. In fact, all of us ate until we could move no more; so we all lounged by the campfire that was built by our lovely and clever Mates, Malli, Albin and Sergio. Damper was made and toasted marshmallows were eaten by all; and of course the usual singing around the campfire took place, however the night had just begun!

After many hours of sitting by the fire, some of us decided that we could stay awake no more. So we bade our goodnights and made our way back to our rooms. Now, I am the sort of person to worry about things, so ALL night, i was thinking about this bunk bed. How was I going to get up there???

– Karina

Did Karina make it? Read part 2 to find out!

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