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Establishing a global network of friends and connections isn’t just a great way to learn more about the world; it’s also a smart business decision. Why? When you graduate you’ll have professional connections all over the world! Plus, if you ever decide to do a round the world trip, you’re probably going to be able to save a bit of money by couch surfing with all your new friends! (Make sure to return the favour of course!)

Each semester the Griffith Mates, supported by Griffith Global Mobility, host the Global Connections Night, a semi-formal event designed to connect students from different cultures. Through a range of networking activities (including their biggest round of People Bingo yet!) students have the opportunity to discuss culture, language and lifestyle. The winners of People Bingo were also lucky enough to take home a $500 STA Travel voucher thanks to Griffith Global Mobility.

This fun event is one of our favourites on the Griffith Mates calendar!

A big thank you to the Griffith Mates who organised this amazing event, and thanks to Explore blogger Kasun and recent graduate Paolo for the amazing photos! We’ve picked a few of our favourites to share below. To see all the photos, check out our Facebook page.

It’s never too late to get involved. Make sure to follow the Griffith Mates on Facebook and check out the clubs and societies on campus. If you need more convincing to get involved in uni life, make sure to check out Dave and Danielle’s posts!

– Christy

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