Gold Coast Burger Reviews

For those who are new to Griffith and arriving on the Gold Coast for the first time, refer to this post when trying new places to eat. Seriously, I’ve got you covered for a good burger.

“Okay, but why should we trust you?”

As you can see I take this seriously. It’s not just a burger, it’s heaven between two buns. It’s a bite of happiness in a busy day…

I have an international taste for burgers – everywhere I travel to I try the local hot spot. I’ve had some of the finest meats, the freshest produce, and secret ingredient buns straight out of the oven.

So let’s get the obvious out of the way, first.

Yes, I do have a problem.

And yes, I did make my obsession sound a lot more glamorous than it is.

My enthusiasm for burgers sprung from the fact that I just love food and I try to keep my cheat meals to burgers because, well what’s not to love? They can be made however you want, and to fit whoever you want. The gluten-frees, the vegetarians, the meat eaters, the vegans – there’s a burger out there for everyone.

There’s enough reading materials in uni, so I will keep my list to my top five, with honourable mentions listed at the bottom.



I tried: The Royale With Cheese

This place is right on par with number two on my list, but what made this place come first is the atmosphere. Along with great food you’re bobbing your head to good tunes, and you’re dining with Biggie and George Costanza portraits on the walls. Lot’s of cool vibes.

The picture of my burger below is nothing extravagant… until you take a bite.

Royale With Cheese

Royale With Cheese. Source: @burger_tour



I tried: Betty’s Classic

I generally like to try the classic burgers everywhere I go, that way it’s a fair playing ground for everyone. If they can nail a classic, then you know they’re in the right business. I’m always finding excuses for food, so when my friend mentioned she’d never had onion rings before of course we had to share some. Then of course we had to try their concretes, because we’d never had frozen custard before. Everything was delicious. The burger was easily just as great as Easy Street Diner, and easily one of the best I’ve had so far on the Gold Coast.

Betty's Classic

Betty’s Classic. Source: @burger_tour



I’ve tried: Simon Says, The Crispy Bacon, Summer Sunset

**My absolute favourite one is Simon Says, and I’ve gotten it more times than I can count – always on the low carb super bun. No bad ingredients!

Ahhhhh, Grill’d. I love you… maybe my top three are all at a three-way tie. Grill’d is great because you don’t have to loosen your belt buckle after devouring one of their burgers. They’re not greasy, they’re not gigantic – their burgers are the perfect meal. They take pride in sourcing the best ingredients, and they are big believers in supporting local. With your order you get a token, where you get to help support one of three local groups or organisations within the community. Don’t worry though, just because you choose one doesn’t mean anyone gets left out. Top place gets $300 dollars, while the other two still get $100 dollars each, and the three options get switched up every month. Visit Grill’d and you’ll get a healthy burger, a friendly welcome, and you’ll know you’ve helped a local member of the community. I love everything this business represents.

Local Matters

Local Matters. Source: @burger_tour



I tried: The Beach Burger

Longboards Laidback Eatery and Bar is amazing. Definitely deserving of a top five. A little more expensive than the others, but very worth it for a big honkin’ delicious burger. A couple of friends and I tried this place after a morning at Killarney Glen. If you’ve been before, you know the walk back is a bit of a hike (this is also a great place to see on the Gold Coast if you haven’t gone yet). A burger was the perfect meal to enjoy after. Our table was right by a pool, and they’re true to their name of being laidback; it was a nice spot for lunch.

P.S. They have burger-eating challenges if you’ve got what it takes. If you think you do, comment on this post because that, I’ve got to see.

Beach Burger

Beach Burger. Source: @burger_tour



I tried: Brooklyn Classic

I really want to go back to Brooklyn Depot. I went to their first birthday party, where they gave away over a thousand free burgers. The lineup was huge, and well worth the wait. Music was pumping, there was an artist painting burgers, they had the classic Instagram cutout for pictures and contests, and best of all the burger went down real’ nice. It had soft bun, with the perfect meat to bun ratio. I didn’t get a chance to sit inside, but thats what I want to go back for. The atmosphere of these place seems like a good night out. They have deep fried pickles, or “frickles” as they call them (they make my knees go weak), and I’ve got my eyes on one of their boozy milkshakes.

P.S. shoutout to them for handing out umbrellas to customers in the line as it started to sprinkle a bit of rain. Little things like this go a long way in my eyes!

Brooklyn Classic

Brooklyn Classic. Source: @burger_tour


Honourable mentions go to Ze Pickle, and Obsessions on Chevron.

Take a look at my account @burger_tour on Instagram and check in to Explore later this semester as here’s what’s next on my list:

– Emily


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  • Callie
    August 12, 2016 at 4:21 pm

    Have you tried Ze Pickle? Definitely should be on your list…

    • Bronwyn Ware
      August 15, 2016 at 1:34 pm

      It did get an honourable mention but didn’t quite make the list. Would be very hard to choose!

    • Avatar photo
      August 24, 2016 at 12:12 pm

      It was the first place I went on the Gold Coast!