Gold Coast Cafe Reviews

Surprise! I do eat food other than burgers.

Breakfasts here are amazing. Back home, crispy Canadian bacon or sausage, with home-fries (potatoes), eggs with your choice of white or brown toast is the most common item… and it’s cheap. You’ll get this with unlimited refills of brewed coffee, with a choice of milk, creamer, or sugar to stir in.

It’s fast, easy, and the perfect hangover spot to get in and get out with a full belly.

Here breakfasts are more social, more expensive, and prettier (they’re actually IG worthy). The café culture here is something I am going miss tremendously…

BSKT Flapjacks


I keep to a very loose (it’s now non-existent), budget when it comes to eating out. I tried to be a little strict, but there’s no way I can stop trying out these amazing creations. Out of all the places I’ve tried, here are my reviews on some Gold Coast cafés. I will keep it to the same style as my Gold Coast Burger Reviews post, so check for where I’m headed next listed at the bottom.


1. Cardamon Pod (Brickworks)

I’ve tried: an almond latte + avo on bagel + cheese toastie and sweet potato fries + pumpkin cheesecake + raw peanut butter cup. 

There are only a few places I’ve been to (even outside of Australia), where I’ve wanted each and every single item on the menu. There are usually a few items that help make the decision easier. My time at Cardamon Pod involves a lot of going back and forth. It’s always a game of eeny, meeny, miny, moe… and I’m never disappointed with my selection.

source: cardamon pod

source: @foodbourne_



I’ve tried: a cocogato + eggs benny + pancakes.

I love the atmosphere at BSKT. Not only does this place offer great food, they have yoga classes upstairs, their own line of whole foods, and they created the delicious cocowhip. They’re basically a café powerhouse. Another plus, is that on their menu they have more lunch items available at breakfast; suitable for all cravings.

source: @the_luminous_kitchen

source: @the_luminous_kitchen


3. Blendlove

I’ve tried: an almond latte + a tumeric latte + too many raw cheesecakes to name + spiced coconut bowl.

I was following Blendlove on Instagram before I even moved to Australia; it took me a while to connect the dots. Their photos are an exact replication of how amazing this place looks via their IG page. It’s such a nice place to relax solo, or with a gal pal. Go on a Wednesday and take advantage of their raw cheesecake and coffee deal!


source: blendlove


4. Paradox Coffee Roasters

I’ve tried: an almond latte + eggs benedict + bagel and egg breakfast sandwich.

This place is close to my new apartment, and since moving I’ve been here a handful of times. It’s a beautifully dangerous thing living so close to this café. Service is always friendly and the food always hits the spot.

Tip: the bagel and egg breakfast sandwich is perfect paired with coffee for takeaway. Proven to cure a hangover.

source: @haziee.y

source: @haziee.y


5. Bam Bam Bakehouse 

I’ve tried: a twice-baked bounty croissant + eggs benny.

I’m leaving Australia in three weeks, and I have to get back to Bam Bam before I go. If not for breakfast, at least for a sneaky takeaway croissant. I saw on Instagram they had a cookies and cream croissant… it wasn’t there when I went so I think it’s a sign I have no choice but to go again, right?

source: bam bam

source: bam bam bakehouse


6. Daark Espresso

I’ve tried: an almond latte + a raw peanut butter square + a raw bounty slice.

At the beginning of my stay here in Australia, I was living right next to Chirn Park. I don’t know why I didn’t end up at Daark more often – it was a five minute walk. They recently renovated their café taking over the unit beside them that moved. It’s a cute little spot. Wifi is available too, just ask for the password.

source: daark espresso

source: daark espresso


7. Percy’s Corner

I’ve tried: an almond latte.

This little spot is located right behind the southbound tram platform in Southport. I often snuck a peak behind the waiting area to see what this place was. This is a nice spot for coffees and a morning read, and a perfect spot for takeaways as it’s right by the tram. It’s in the Gold Coast’s original ambulance stations which was built in 1922. The coffee shop is named after Percy Raby who was the first superintendent who ran the station from the early 20s to 40s. This place was so my style – round globe lights, white walls, exposed brick, black and white photos of it’s history, and cute little wooden stools. The staff there were extremely friendly as well. This place is very, underrated!

Percy's Corner

Percy’s Corner


Up next is Randy Wallhole, Down 2 Earth Organics and Elk Espresso. The Gold Coast boasts with amazing cafés, let’s hope I can get to as many as possible in the last bit I’m here!


– Emily


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