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How a year at Griffith University gave me back my self confidence

Market at Griffith University - Gold Coast campus

Studying overseas is not necessarily an easy decision. There are so many things to consider and yet you can not prepare yourself for everything. What I gained from my study abroad year exceeded my expectations by far. Below you can read the four main reasons why a study abroad year at Griffith University gave me back my self confidence.

Before I set out on my adventure in Australia, I knew what I hoped to gain. I wanted to challenge myself by enrolling in different kinds of courses, improve my language skills and learn about Australia and its culture. Griffith University was also appealing to me due to its multicultural environment so I knew there was a big chance of meeting people from different countries. However, the reasons why Griffith University was exactly the right choice for me are the approaches and methods used there.

Different types of assessments

Contrary from many other universities, Griffith University recognises that we all learn differently and in the subjects I studied there were different types of assessment in each. Such assessments might be oral or written. They might be a multiple choice exam, a presentation, an opinion piece, an essay, a short story or research participation.

Not just one assessment per course

In my subjects I had around four assessments per course instead of just one (which is what I was used to), and made my time at Griffith University less stressful as I learned to prioritise my time better and not put as much pressure on myself.


A big indicator of the quality at Griffith University was the feedback I received after each assessment. It is not every university that understands the importance of giving their students feedback. At Griffith University I could actually be told what I did good along with what and how I could improve. Because of this, I learned more and my marks improved.

Closer relationships with professors

A fourth and another essential reason why I regained my confidence while I studied at Griffith University is the closer relationship between students and professors. The professors I met were supportive and engaging. They made sure students knew how to contact them and always made time for questions or a chat after class. In a university environment it is important such people who inspire you to learn and become more.

It is a kind of almost desperate feeling you get when you start questioning whether university is actually the place for you, whether you should just pursue your dreams somewhere else. This was almost where I was at. This feeling of being not quite good enough vanished little by little when I came to Griffith University. The excitement and passion I had when I started university a few years ago was lit in me again and my confidence grew steadily. For me, it was just about finding the right place.

– Laila


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