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Here is one of the smartest university’s graduation ceremonies

Colossal titan from Attack on Titan.

March – the season that cherry blossoms bloom in Japan – is the month in which many students’ graduations are celebrated. Graduation is a great moment when students step closer to their dream. However, the way you celebrate depends on the culture you have experienced. Here are photos from a graduation ceremony at one Japanese university. 



Surprisingly, these are graduation photos from one of the smartest and most famous universities in the world.  In 2014 Times Higher Education gave Kyoto University a World Reputation Ranking of 19 out of 100.

Since its foundation, Kyoto University has officially been an “academic freedom” university implying everything related to students’ affairs should be left to their autonomy. So the university has never tried to prohibit the uniqueness of it’s students. And more amazingly, this creativity might drive them to accomplish great successes in their chosen academic or practical field which could change the world in the future.

Many thanks to SENSE KYOTO for these wonderful photos. I hope you find their articles interesting 🙂

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– Kento

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