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Holiday in China: places you must visit during your trip

More international visitors are interested in visiting China for holidays, but China is a huge country that has a number of provinces, all very different in traditional food, culture and weather. Therefore it is important you know more about the city you’re visiting if you decide to visit China. Here are three of the most popular cities that, as a local, I have visited and recommend now that I’m also travelling around China.

  1. Nanchang, capital of Jiangxi province. There are historical and cultural landmarks in this city so when I visited I went to the history museum on my first day there. You will just need your ID card and you can enter without paying a fee. The museum has three buildings and includes 5 different exhibition areas like the revolution of Communist Party, the relics of the Emperor (Liu he), the bronze ware, the development of a great family (Ke).  The most famous building, the Tengwang Pavilion, is opposite to the museum you will need pay about $10 AUD each during daytime and $30 AUD at night. Although it is a little bit expensive, I prefer to visit at night because I saw the magnificent sight with lighting. On my second day in this city I went to Meiling National Forest Park where you can enjoy the many mountains, waterfalls and nature. Compared with the other famous mountains I have visited, this is the best one for me, because it does not only have the common features, but also is not crowded and more authentic . It made me feel like wanting to live there with nothing else. If you like to learn about Chinese history and experience nature, Nanchang is a great choice for you. 
  2. Changsha, capital of central China’s Hunan province. I took about 2 hours by high-speed train to get here from Nanchang. The founder of communism in China (Mao zedong) graduated from university here, and converted to communism, and there is a statue in his name located on Orange island, in the middle of the Xiang river. Changsha’s food is the spiciest in China, I like eating spicy food but I can’t handle Changsha spicy food, that’s how spicy it is. I tried the spicy crayfish and I almost cried. Another traditional food, a bit strange for tourists, is ‘Stinky Tofu and it has a very strong smell, it is made of tofu and a special kind of vegetable. If you want to experience that feeling and challenge your taste buds to spicy and stinky food then, welcome to Changsha. 
  3. Guangzhou. This city is well-known around the world because many people come here for international trading, so Guangzhou is a very modern city. The main landmark of Guangzhou is the Guangzhou ‘Canton Tower’ and the Five Goats statue. The Guangzhou Tower is modern and the highest tower in Guangzhou. On the other hand, the Five Goats statue is a city symbol. Legend says there were five immortals that visited the city when there was a extreme food shortage, and they brought five goats with them. The goats brought ears of grain and blessings for people, As a thank you, the people of the city built this statue. Guangzhou’s traditional food is very delicious and inexpensive.

With so many options, China is a great destination for your next holiday, but remember to research and find out as much as you can about the city’s you want to see.

Till next time, Leo

Junhao (Leo) Huang 

I like to create stories full of fantasy and share them trough my photographs. My hobby is listening to any #chillout music in Youtube. *Hang is from Vietnam and currently studying English at Griffith English Language Institute.



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