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How to become friends with the Brisbane Lord Mayor Graham Quirk and the City of Brisbane

Anna meets the Lord Mayor

Have any of you ever thought of all the opportunities you’ll have while studying in Brisbane? Personally, I hadn’t. However, during my education at Griffith University I have experienced many incredible moments. I can easily recall one of them – The Lord Mayor’s International Student Friendship Ceremony.

Telling the truth, my first semester at Griffith was difficult. As an international student, I needed to study more to be familiar with all the specificities of the Australian system of education and the language. At that time I did not visit many events and places in Brisbane, but I was lucky to see the message on Facebook about the Lord Mayor’s International Student Friendship Ceremony. I registered and had almost no clue of what it will look like and what to expect.

The ceremony was held at Griffith University Nathan Campus. My name was checked upon arrival and I was given a bag of many useful things from Study Brisbane. The ceremony started with Lord Mayor Graham Quirk talking about the opportunities for international students in Brisbane and thanking us for choosing this city for our studies. For me, it was a very inspiring moment!

Brisbane International Student Ambassador, Haruka addresses ceremony guests.

Brisbane International Student Ambassador, Haruka shares her Brisbane story.

After his speech, I had an opportunity to see a live performance by the Nunukul Yuggera Aboriginal Dancers. If you did not see this dance, I highly recommend it to everyone as it is one of the best ways to experience the traditional Australian culture.


Nunukul Yugerra Aboriginal Dancers

During the ceremony I was offered and tried a buffet with Australian traditional dishes and snacks. Yummy!

At the end of the ceremony I was given a certificate of friendship with Lord Mayor and the City of Brisbane! And what is more exciting, I had a possibility to take a picture with Lord Mayor Graham Quirk!

For me, it was a great opportunity to meet Lord Mayor Graham Quirk and many international students. I want to thank Lord Mayor Graham Quirk, Study Brisbane and Griffith University for giving me a chance to get acquainted with incredible people and to be a lifelong friend of the City of Brisbane!

– Anna

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