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How to make friends at uni

Starting uni can be scary for anyone, especially when you’re from overseas or interstate and don’t know anybody. The key to success at uni is to be social and make friends. That way, if you ever miss class, you can share notes, you can have group study sessions, and did I mention that having a social network gives you sanity?! Relaxing after a huge exam with the girls is definitely the kind of de-stress therapy that I need!

There are two types of people introverts and extroverts. I tend to be a bit of a social butterfly and an extroverted person, so I don’t generally struggle with meeting new people. But for the introverts, you may need to step out of your comfort zone a little here!

My first tip is find someone who is sitting alone and sit next to them! Who cares if there’s 50 spare seats available in the lecture hall! Overcome the awkwardness and just plonk your bag down and ask, “Is this seat taken?”. More often than not they’ll say that it isn’t and welcome you to sit there. They’re probably just as nervous as you are, so my next tip is to INTRODUCE YOURSELF! It’s as simple as a handshake and exchange of names. Ask what degree they’re studying, and maybe ask where they’re hoping it takes them in the future. Show a keen interest in them so they know you’re not just looking for someone to boast about yourself to. Conversation will usually flow from there, and make sure you exchange contact details! Be honest, tell them you’re new to the uni/from overseas/interstate/or just currently alone and looking for friends. More often than not people will be more than happy to add you on Facebook and create a study group. Chances are, they’re looking for friends too!

Another handy tip is to join a club on campus. I’m a part of the Griffith Christian Students club (GCS) and we meet weekly. I’ve made so many friends in this club and I’ve only been a part of it for a few months! Find an interest that suits you or your degree and again, EXCHANGE CONTACT DETAILS! If you haven’t got Facebook, I totally suggest that you get it! It’s a non-confronting way of getting someone’s contact details and come on, it’s the social norm, jump on the bandwagon already!

My final tip is to get involved in some awesome activities the uni puts on! Griffith is a great uni and is all about connecting its students with each other. Uni is the place where you make friends for life… and the friends who can help you through your anatomy and physiology exams.

– Amanda-Jean

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