How to revamp your bedroom on a budget

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Are you ready to freshen up your mind by freshening up your bedroom/house/apartment and work on your creative muscles? During the holidays I did exactly that. I decorated my bedroom and made myself a boho bungalow and table, all for under $50.

Sounds like a lot of work? I’m going to tell you how I made it in one day.

1. Get inspo. I used Pinterest, but there’s plenty more to use – WeHeartIt, blogs, Instagram etc.
2. Plan out your project. Where do I have space, what do I need, how much will it cost me.
3. Start shopping (this is my cardio; the healthy and good-for-you part). Here’s where I bought my items from:

  • Boho bungalow
    • Gumtree – search for free pallets near you
    • OP shops – blankets and pillows
    • Spotlight – hooks, curtain (for the canopy), thick yarn to hang the canopy on and hoop (your desired size)
    • Kmart – fairy Lights, batteries
  •  Table
    • Car tyre shop – ask if they have a tire they can give you
    • Bunnings – the round piece of wood that will cover the top of the tire, ropes in whatever colour you want and screws to secure the wooden piece on the tire
    • Kmart – glue gun and heaps of glue sticks

4. Create your masterpiece. Put on some good music and have fun with it, you’ll have a great time.
5. Relax and enjoy. Bask in the glory of what YOU have created yourself.

The total I spent on my boho bungalow and table was around $50 and you could even do it cheaper as well.

I hope this gave you a couple of ideas to be creative to make your bedroom and house/apartment awesome even on a student budget. I started on my next project and that’s a huge dreamcatcher. How to do that will be up soon.

Want to share your DIY projects or have any recommendations? We’d love to hear from you – leave a comment below.

– kb


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