Let’s eat! Your night market guide


You’ve been doing your Instagram research and have been dreaming about food all week and now you’re finally here at your local night market. The smells and noises entice and overwhelm you, which leads you to question – where to first? Here are some tips to plan your food market experience.

  1. If you’re like me and you take your food decisions very seriously (I hate having food envy), then don’t buy the first thing you see. Take a look around before you choose your ultimate meal, it’s not a decision to take lightly. Or grab a little snack first to curb your cravings. I like to start off with some oysters or a potato slinky.
  2. Be experimental with your food. If you buy a burger every weekend then branch out and try some cuisine you’ve never tried or heard of before, like Sri Lankan or Hungarian cooking. Food markets are the perfect opportunity to try something new.
  3. Tables can be hard to come by, so find a table before you buy your food and have someone in your group mind the table. Not much fun walking around trying to find a table while your food is going cold.
  4. The desserts are epic, make sure you save room – I repeat – make sure you save room! You’ll find all sorts of decadent treats, every variation of the humble doughnut (move over cinnamon doughnut), doughnut sandwiches, cronuts, waffles, funnel cakes, raw desserts, cupcakes, crepes, milkshakes you need to eat with a spoon and Nutella everything… OK I’ll stop there.
  5. Take a break from eating yourself silly and have a wander around the market stalls. You’ll find lots of great unique stuff and it’s also always nice knowing your supporting local businesses.
  6. The dinner rush is usually between 6-8pm so if crowds aren’t your thing, go later. You’ll still have all the food options, minus the queues.
  7. Make your friends jealous and take the cliche food shot. Don’t forget to hashtag #food and join the other 193 million posts… it seems like lots of people like looking at food pics?

Now you have a plan of attack, check out my Must do night markets blog post for a few local food markets you should visit.




 – Bronwyn (Guest Blogger)

Bronwyn is the Marketing Officer for Griffith International. She was born and raised on the Gold Coast and is proud to showcase Australia to the rest of the world. In her spare time she enjoys being in the outdoors and travelling.



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