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Making the most of your holidays after Christmas Day

Burleigh Beach Gold Coast Darren Tierney Photography

Christmas is over, New Years is yet to come, what do we do?

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, the festivities are enjoyed by all. From decorations to pudding, from shopping for gifts to shopping on Boxing Day, Christmas is the king of breaks.

Whether you’re in trimester 3, or waiting (maybe not so eagerly) to start again in trimester 1, 2018, you may have a plan waiting to be executed for the Christmas break. If you don’t, kick back, relax and rejuvenate for the new year!

The week after Christmas, however, tends to be a questionable break. For those with school children, this time usually means a hectic schedule of keeping them busy. For those living away from home, you might enjoy some time visiting your family. But if you do have the luxury of time off in this period, don’t let the week be a post holiday slump.

Whether you have thought about it or not, I have a few suggestions to make the week after Christmas a good one!

1. For those who have built a strong rapport with TV and Hollywood – enjoy a movie marathon.

Why not invite a friend (or few) over, pop some pop corn, and spend a lazy set of hours on a comfy couch in front of the TV? It’s never too late to binge watch Harry Potter, or for those that prefer the Marvel universe, why not watch Iron Fist?

2. For those who find tediousness to be a virtue – filter through the “stuff” accumulated over the year and declutter your house to declutter your mind!

An effective way is to start with one cupboard at a time. A great set of ideas can be found here!

3. For those who love the idea of Australian summer – head outside!

First make sure you’ve stocked up on hats, sunglasses, sunscreen and water, then enjoy the rays as they fall upon Surfers. Or if you don’t mind travelling, try the beach at Burleigh! The view is so stunning. You might find yourself spending an entire evening there!

4. For those who find them selves lost in the midst of the busy trimester – find peace in a place, and rest up!

A place I absolutely love is the Gold Coast Art Centre cafe! At any time of the year, you’ll find me there relaxing with a cup of coffee, some chips, and an empty mind amongst fresh air, and refreshing art exhibitions!

Gold Coast Arts Centre ABC

Image credit: ABC

Someone once said that we receive interruptions every 11 minutes while it takes 20 minutes to actually process an experience. This means that we technically aren’t caught up on our own experiences. So no matter what you chose to do between Christmas and New Year, do spend some time catching up and caring for your self. After all, you’re worth it!

See you next year!

– Sachin

Image credit (Burleigh Headland): Darren Tierney Photography

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