Must do night markets


The world is going crazy for street food and night markets are the perfect place to experience this culture. With a great range of delicious food, live music and good vibes what’s not to love about night markets? If you haven’t already gone to some of the local night markets I recommend you go and check them out.

1. Eat Street Markets (Brisbane)

If you want to experience food market royalty, then Eat Street Markets is a must. Everything you could ever imagine plus more, your only limitation is your stomach space and bank account (sad face). With such a large area to cover, just try not to get lost.

Open: Friday and Saturday 4pm-10pm

Entry fee: $3 for adults

My rating: 5-star ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Hot tip: Catch the CityCat ferry to Bretts Wharf and see Brisbane from a whole new angle

2. NightQuarter (Gold Coast)

The youngest of the night market family, NightQuarter is a perfect place to indulge in good food and good vibes. They attract some pretty decent local artists, so be sure to check out their Facebook page for upcoming gigs. Situated right next to Helensvale train station, you can easily access these markets by public transport.

Open: Friday and Saturday 4pm-10pm

Entry fee: $3 for adults

My rating: 4-star ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Hot tip: Parking is usually full right up close, so don’t waste your time doing loops, head next door to Westfield Helensvale and park at the Coles entrance

3. Boundary Street Markets (Brisbane)

While small, Boundary Street Markets packs a punch with atmosphere. Set in characterful West End, you’ll find a great range of international cuisine and local arts and crafts. The live music is a great way to unwind after a busy day/week.

Open: Friday and Saturday 4pm-10pm

Entry fee: Free

My rating: 4-star ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Hot tip: If you love books make sure you check out the extensive range of second hand books in the main hall

4. Miami Marketta (Gold Coast)

A local hotspot Miami Marketta draws an impressive crowd. A great bar complemented by authentic food is sure to set the scene for a fun night. The layout is really good too, savoury food in one area and desserts in another. No peeking at the donuts before dinner!

Open: Friday 5pm-11pm and Saturday 4pm-11pm

Entry fee: Free

My rating: 4-star ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Hot tip: There’s not a lot of seating and the dinner rush (between 6-8pm) can get a little packed so try going a little later in the night

Want to share your night market experience or have any other recommendations? We’d love to hear from you – leave a comment below.




 – Bronwyn (Guest Blogger)

Bronwyn is the Marketing Officer for Griffith International. She was born and raised on the Gold Coast and is proud to showcase Australia to the rest of the world. In her spare time she enjoys being in the outdoors and travelling.



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