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My Ekka experience

Ekka, the shortened name for ‘exhibition’, began in 1876 when 17,000 people out of a total Brisbane population of 22,000 attended the show. This was the first time when the show was organised to celebrate Queensland culture and provide a unique opportunity for the urban and country residents to come together. Surprisingly, since then the show has been organised every year except 1919 when the influenza epidemic hit the city and 1942 when the showgrounds were used by troops participating in the war.

This year marked 140 years of Ekka. If I put this number in perspective my great-grand father must have been alive when Ekka was born. This is definitely a large number of years for this event. A small illustration below shows few milestones in comparison to Ekka.

I had the opportunity to visit Ekka this year and it was one of the best events I have attended so far in Brisbane. I was surprised to see a train line specially developed to get visitors to showgrounds. Exhibition railway line runs between Roma Street Station to Exhibition Railway Station and it is extremely convenient to reach the venue. Once inside, the atmosphere is captivating and electric; rides, food, wine and live entertainment – it is the complete package. Here are few moments I captured at the Ekka and this ride takes the priority above all. Serious adventure guaranteed with this!!!!


However, there are other less adventurous but still interesting things available throughout the event. I was particularly keen on visiting the Woolworth Pavilion because of its unlimited food and wine stalls and each stall having great offerings.

And the best out of all was this stall who had this giant burger for sale. The biggest I have ever seen for sure.

Agriculture Hall provided an opportunity to find locally grown food items.

But the main highlight of Ekka for me was ‘EKKANITES’. It is a special programme organised in the Main Arena which runs between 5pm until 8pm and this included live music from Aussie legends like Kylie Minogue, hot wheels high octane show and the spectacular firwork to end the night.

The night started with the Australia National Anthem.


But the best part of the night was … fireworks!!


I would highly recommend each and every one to become a part of Ekka 2017 and enjoy one of the best Brisbane has to offer.

– Arslan 


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  • Hartinder
    October 5, 2016 at 10:34 am

    awesome mate.. I missed this event.. but definitely going next time…