Study Abroad and Exchange

My experience living and studying in Paris

From the moment I learnt about Griffith’s Global Mobility program, I began dreaming of my move to Paris. I patiently awaited the time to submit my application after the prerequisite two years of studying my course.

I worked super hard in the years leading up to exchange, saving money and aiming for high grades with the motivation of croissants and crêpes keeping me going.

Once my application was approved, the next few months consisted of enthusiastic waiting, planning my dream trip and fantasising about all of the French cuisines I was about to indulge in.

After I finished Trimester 1, the next thing I knew I was boarding my flight to Europe for six weeks of travelling and country hopping before starting my exchange semester.

I took full advantage of the late academic starting dates in Europe, by travelling with my best friend through Croatia, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, the Netherlands and France before settling into my new home in Paris.

Paris was a lifelong dream come true for me. Although it had been romanticised in my head by films and trademarks of a fairytale land, my expectations were lowered before arriving, as I’d received mixed reviews about the unfriendliness of the culture and the bad smell according to many.

Paris is of course, however, the city of love, the city of light, and there’s nowhere else in the world like it. In the words of Ernest Hemingway, ‘there are only two places in the world where we can be happy: at home and in Paris’.

Paris has been my home for almost three months now and I can’t find a single fault that is not outweighed by a million beautiful positives. From the amazing architecture and culinary delights to the language that sounds like music to my ears, and liveliness of the city; I love everything about this beautiful city.


My university, the Paris School of Business,  lies in the heart of the city. I am taking four classes that are credited towards my degree; Consumer Behaviour, International Marketing, Web Marketing and French language.

My classes are mainly made up of international exchange students, each from a different corner of the world and so many of them have become great friends. 

I am studying on Mondays and Tuesdays with French classes on Saturday mornings. Without a job I have so much free time to be on top of all my classes as well as socialize and sightsee.

My university campus is quite small and doesn’t offer on-campus accommodation, so the best living option for my five month stay was to book a rental apartment through Air BnB with three other students.

Although the cost of living is quite high in Paris and the exchange rate on the Aussie dollar isn’t great, the amount of funding and support you receive from Griffith through Global Mobility makes living away from home completely realistic.

My time studying abroad has been such a rewarding learning experience so far and I couldn’t recommend an exchange program enough for students in any degree. I’ve gained complete independence living out of home and have been pushed out of my comfort zone in the best way possible.

The opportunity to live overseas doesn’t come around often, so make the most of this chance while it’s available to you through Griffith’s Global Mobility program.

I’m already planning my next international study program with Global Mobility for next year. Let me know if you have any questions about studying abroad or seeking advice on Paris. You can find me on Instagram @miragietzel to follow the rest of my adventure!

– Mira

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