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My favourite GELI activity

GELI students stand behind giant letters that read "S.O.S."

Being an international student is not an easy task! Leaving your family, your country, your culture and adapting to a new lifestyle in another place extremely different to your hometown can be scary. However, taking the risk could be one of the most important experiences in your life, because you can meet new friends, experience new places as well as learn new languages. In my case, being an international student has been amazing. I can’t deny that in the beginning when I arrived at the Griffith English Language Institute (GELI) I was nervous, but GELI activities helped me manage the situation. Why? Because participating in GELI activities is an easy way to relax and make new friends.

Some benefits of GELI activities:

1) Meet new people from different countries; this is a great opportunity to learn more about other points of view, thinking and cultures.

2) Practice your English; exchanging ideas and making new friends.

3) Know more about Australian culture; knowing local people, food and traditions.

4) GELI staff organise weekly tours so you can discover the most interesting places in Brisbane city and get to know the tourist places too.

5) Access to tours and trips at student prices; as a GELI student the institute can offer you enjoyable trips to different parts of Brisbane or even around Queensland with special discounts.


What you can do to do not miss any activity?

1) Find the activities program at the beginning of each English level. This program is available on the GELI profile on Facebook or on the Griffith webpage; you can easily download a copy on your own computer.

2) Highlight the activities that you would like to participate in. Remember be aware of the dates and manage your time well.

3) Every week go to the GELI reception to sign on the correct piece of paper to ensure your participation in the activity. Every activity has a different deadline and people capacity.

4) Enjoy the experience, make new friends and practice your English as much as you can 🙂

Mel and Gabriela sitting in library discussing the chosen book for book club.

Mel and Gabriela at book club.

In my view, my favourite activity is the GELI book club, because you can share your opinion with different people about the same subject. Also, it is an excellent way to practice your English, and receive feedback about your vocabulary and pronunciation.

Making new friends is easy if you find help with the correct people!

– Gabriela


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  • shahinul Islam
    October 21, 2016 at 2:41 pm

    Hi my name is shahinul Islam. I am from Bangladesh. I am interested to apply GELI.

    • Lara
      October 26, 2016 at 2:57 pm

      Hi Shahinul – thank you for your comment and interest in GELI. I spoke with my workmate at GELI who has sent a reply to your message on Facebook – I hope this helps!