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My Griffith experience – how I transitioned from college to university

Griffith University Griffith Mates O Week

Instead of spending my first year as an international student at Griffith University, I chose the pathway option to break the ice and ease into uni life by starting at Griffith College. It was such a beautiful time when I first experienced Aussie culture and the different styles of learning and education. The staff at Griffith College helped me prepare carefully for the changes that university would bring. While I was still surprised when I began my first day at university, it didn’t take long to settle in. Here I share some tips to help others ease into university life.

1. Take a campus tour during orientation

I still don’t know exactly how many buildings there are at Griffith University – there are many buildings I have never visited! At Griffith College, my classes were held in the one place, in the five storey International Building. At university, the lecture rooms are different from the workshop rooms and are often not in the same building. I missed the campus tour on Orientation Day. Well, to be honest, I didn’t think it was going to be a problem and ignored it, and that’s why I recommend you go to the Griffith Mates campus tour to make sure that at least you know which buildings you will spend your first classes in. On my first day it took me an hour to get around and find my lecture and workshop rooms. Why waste your time when you can familiarise yourself at Orientation?

2. Make the most of the workshops

At Griffith University you will have a 50-minute workshop rather than an almost two-hour workshop you have at Griffith College. You should prepare your learning materials and some questions carefully before going to the workshop so that you can plan your time effectively. Important information from the lecture and further essential knowledge is the purpose of these classes. In addition, you can make an appointment with your tutor if there is not enough time in class. Details to make a booking are on your MyGriffith account or speak with your tutor at the first workshop.

3. There’s no fridge – plan your home cooked meals

I remember the days at Griffith College when I went straight from the bus station to the canteen near the library to store my food in the fridge. Moving to Griffith University, you should not carry a heavy lunch box because there are no fridges available to store your lunch in. Choose the right meal, pack lightly and enjoy. The eating room closes at 4.30pm, which means you can not heat up your food for dinner, so remember to have your meal ready before then.

4. Plenty of on-campus food options

If you do not have time to prepare meals and have a long day at uni, don’t worry because here on the Nathan campus you have so many delicious cuisines to choose from. Unibar, Bake n’ Grind, Dan Noodle House, the Hubbit and Indian Brothers will satisfy your taste from West to East. Want to have a drink? Don’t forget Café Rossa and Café Enternet!

Asian food you should taste at Dan Noodle House

5. Check out Market Day – my favourite!

Every fortnight on a Thursday is Market Day at the Nathan campus. On that day, you will have the opportunity to enjoy some free food, free services such as henna tattoo, massage, buy some delicious food with $5 discount voucher from SRC, buy some cheap accessories or even clothes, and relax with music and dancing stages. There is even free Subway giveaways for the Subway-holics! You can also find your clubs at uni on this day. At Griffith University there are a number of clubs you can join including cultural, social, learning and networking clubs. Be part of them and gain new knowledge for your future.

SRC meal deals at market days during first trimester 2017

These are all my tips that you might need to know before continuing your study path to Griffith University. At first glance you might be shocked because of the huge gap among these two campuses. But believe me, you will love both of them, just like me now!

– Quynh


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