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My journey as a Master of Advanced Health Services Management student

Wasanthi with her sons at the Nathan campus.

I’m Wasanthi from Sri Lanka. I arrived in Brisbane in 2014 with my family, seeking professional development. I am a general practitioner by profession with a special interest in health informatics and health information management. In addition to my Bachelor degrees in Surgery and Medicine, I obtained a Master of Science degree in Biomedical Informatics in Sri Lanka. During my MSc program I had an opportunity to assess the health information sharing practices in Sri Lanka and that fortuity opened a whole new world for me to experiment and explore. Health being an information rich service, health service management relies mainly on good information management.

This notion directed me to probe more into the health services management arena, diverging from the clinical practice.

Studying for a Master of Advanced Health Services Management at Griffith University was the best academic experience I’ve had in my life. Coming from a developing country I expected a considerable amount of academic, social, and cultural barriers and difficulties in getting adjusted to the Australian setting. However, I was able to excel in my studies with the encouragement and support from the academic staff, administrative staff, my family and friends.

Wasanthi at the Commonwealth Medical Association conference.

At the Commonwealth Medical Association conference.

I undertook research during my coursework in assessing “Readiness for web based information sharing in state sector hospitals in Sri Lanka:  Medical administrators’ perspective on sharing service delivery information.” My research got selected for a poster presentation at the Commonwealth Medical Association 24th Triennial conference held in Colombo. I was fortunate enough to secure a travel bursary from the Griffith University Postgraduate Students Association (GUPSA) to participate in this esteemed event. The exposure and networking experience I acquired by participating in that event inspired me to venture more into digital health.

Currently I am attached to the Finance Strategy and Decision Support Unit at the Top End Health Service, Darwin assessing the cost effectiveness of the specialist outreach program into remote and rural communities in the Northern Territory.

Along my journey, I doubted, procrastinated, was scared, anxious and almost failed. But I never stopped believing in myself. I am an incorrigible optimist and confident that anything is possible if I set my mind to it.

– Wasanthi

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  • Anni Bohn
    November 24, 2016 at 11:45 am

    Hi Wasanthi, So glad to know that you enjoyed the experience at Griffith and you are now successfully contributing to Australian Health Service. We are very proud to have had you as our student and to have supported you in your journey at Griffith. All the best.

  • David Domabong Adamu
    January 26, 2017 at 7:34 am

    Madam Wasanthi you are prove to me that goals and visions are worth pursuing. Your perseverance and tenacy are well apreciated as a single parent you are able to go this far. I will say keep on moving forward in your chosen field for there is more to do there.