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My journey to Australia to begin my Masters

I was completely freaked out when I heard my mom’s decision of sending me to Australia for my masters. Trust me, it wasn’t my plan at all.

I had never lived without my family. I could not even imagine my life in some other country, without my parents and my best friend. I used to think that ‘it’s not my cup of coffee’ staying away from them. Eventually I was convinced with my mom’s decision. I was not 100% okay with it but yeah.. Well, here I go. Preparing myself in every single aspect to face my fear.

Once I arrived in Australia, I thought – okay, so this is the place where I have to live all by myself for two long years! I was not sure if I could do it. But somewhere in my mind, I knew that I would be okay.

Fortunately, I have my uncle staying in Australia who is extremely organized. He took me to the mall to have my bank account opened. He got me a SIM card and he told me which plan would better suit me. He bought me a GoCard, so I could go anywhere I wanted on public transport. He found me a place to live that’s five minutes from the uni. Everything was fantastic. I loved the place I’d be spending the next two years of my life. And there I was, staying with two girls from different countries, who were so damn good to me. I made best friends with one of them. We used to go to uni together and go for a swim whenever we were free.

Griffith’s orientation week is a must do thing for every student. You will get to know a lot of information and win many things. It will make it easy peasy for you to start your life at Griffith. I have enjoyed and keep on enjoying my life at Griffith, I have made many friends; a pretty good number of whom are from different countries. People at uni made it feel like home for me.

I started exploring Brissy and visiting the must-visit places, and I used to cafe hop a lot. As I love photography, I have been to different places to just take photos and chill. I’ve witnessed beautiful sunrises and sunsets. So far my life in Australia has been pretty pretty pretty good! You will never know something until you go through it.

Everything happens for a reason. Thank you mom. It’s just because of you I got to learn new things, have new experiences, know different cultures, be independent, and find ah-mazing people.

Don’t think you’re alone and life’s against you. While you’re taking those little moves toward what you really want and what’s coming towards you, you’ll find amazing people. Family, Friends. Nothing is absolute. It is okay not to be okay sometimes. Those who are living in other countries and out of our comfort zone, we are damn lucky and this experience will bring us huge opportunities. The positives of living and studying here are endless!

Thank you for taking time to read my blog.

Cheers! G’Day!

-Vineetha Ranga

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