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Northern Unigames – a charismatic experience


Have you guys been to the Northern Unigames or have you heard about it? Here is my personal experience as a volleyball player at the Northern Unigames and the highlights of my experience at the Sunshine Coast.

Northern Unigames is one of the most prestigious sporting events in which all the universities from Queensland compete for the gold medal. Every university tries really hard to be a part of these games. All the Griffith teams representing different sports had vigorous training everyday and were able to sharpen themselves to excel in the competition. Frankly speaking, I am a volleyball freak. I had an interest in sport since school and it has elevated as I get older. This made me search for the sport on the Griffith website. I was able to contact the Griffith Sport Development Officer, who was an angel for helping me follow my passion for the sport. She told me that volleyball was held every week on Thursday for the season, which is when I met many people like me who were really into volleyball.

Every player no matter the sport were giving 100% energy for the sport. I was a rookie in the sport until I met Brad Flavel and Caleb Adams at the training centre at Nathan campus recreation hall. These guys always had my back  and made my skills increase every time I visited the campus for training. Training has not only improved my skills but also made me socialise with different people. I was able to make very good friends who supported me all the way from training till the end of the Unigames. I could take names of the guys but the list would fill up this blog if I did so. That is why I put up our group picture in the blog. These are the most awesome people that I have ever met in my life and I always wish I could turn back time to get back to the Unigames again.

Northern Unigames are held in a five day period from 3rd – 7th July 2016 at Sunshine Coast. All the players from Griffith arranged carpools to the Sunshine Coast on Sunday morning. Most of the students had their accommodation arranged by Griffith Sport at the Peninsular Beachfront resort located near the Esplanade, Mooloolaba. Virtually, the resort has turned into Griffith University for sports for five days. There was a team dinner arranged on Sunday as a welcome ritual for the players representing Griffith. Team draws were available for the players in the Unigames website that updates daily as the players play the sport everyday.

Teams were being eliminated during all the days but the Griffith teams were excelling as the days progressed. Lawn bowls were able to secure a GOLD!! Yay to the guys!! Both the men and women volleyball teams were able to secure silver, missing the gold in just a set difference. The women’s basketball team were able to secure silver. Baseball and women’s and mixed netball took the bronze. Though other teams that participated in the Unigames gave their best to be the best, they were able to secure promising positions that helped them get better in the next season. The Unigames ended with a memorable final dinner on the last day where the teams shared their experiences at Unigames. That is when I feared that this was the last day of the games. Every team had both good and bitter experiences that they shared at the dinner. There is a voice of unity during the dinner. While everyone was talking about their experiences I was dying inside that these are going to end.


Matt Tobin sharing his experience at Unigames

Even after all these achievements, there is something to remember. Memories. The memories that you get after experiencing Unigames is ever expanding. You meet a lot of nice people. You make a lot of friends. You have a lot of fun. You will have beautiful days that you remember until the next season. You will have your best time of your life at the Unigames. Experience it.



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