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Hey everyone! The past two weeks have been very busy, and hot! In between watching Sochi 2014 (especially the skating and the skiing aerials…), I have been attending so many training programs for activities that I have undertaken as a Griffith student, aside from my Bachelor degree.

I have been training for the Griffith Mates – a group that helps out with international students and on-campus activities. I have also done some training for nursing mentoring, a 6-week program helping out first-year nursing students find their way. And also, training for the Griffith Buddy Program, where current students meet up with international/exchange students and help them settle down at university and also find their way in Brisbane…It has all been exciting and I have met so many new people and got in contact with so many familiar faces… Free catered lunches was also a bonus, especially at the Unibar.

I also had to do my CPR and First Aid training; and attended a cross-cultural workshop down at the Centre for Interfaith and Cultural Dialogue… So it has been pretty much non stop since I have gotten back from Thailand! The other day (Tues. 25th was market day and it was so hot and the uni was so full of people and stalls – talk about crowded! But I needed to do some printing for my subjects and thus, hid away in the aircon… There was live music and I did a little photo taking – I’m not that great, so thank goodness for Picasa.

Tomorrow, I will be helping out with the student admin, doing some nursing computer labs and tours and then heading off to South Bank for the Twilight tours – a Griffith Mates community engagement initiative designed for new international students to get around Brisbane and to welcome them to the BrisAsia festival.

’til next time…

– Larissa

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