Old pioneering village

Ever wished you could travel back in time? Well, it is possible, somewhat… in the form of a historical village!

The other day I visited Highfields Pioneer Village, just north of Toowoomba with my family. It has won numerous local awards for reconstructing what village life would have been like for the early pioneers of the area.

The village is a huge area encompassing numerous reconstructed buildings, including a local family house, a chapel, a machinery station, the school, other shops, vintage sheds (with a Chevy or two!), various museums such as the old ambulance area, a fire brigade and an energy centre.

My favourite place was Griinke Cottage. Can you imagine 7 people used to live in that small house?! I wonder how they did it! The house was rather hot and small and dark.

Imagine being cooped up in there when it was winter with all the smoke of the fire?! Luckily, outside was much nicer. A small garden, chickens and a box of stingless bees, which unfortunately, couldn’t make enough honey.

My family and I wandered around for a bit until we decided to have lunch. $5 for a drink and fluffy homemade damper was on the menu. Staff volunteers wander around too, so you can always ask them a question or where the next location on the map is.

But what I liked most of all were the large grey geese. They were everywhere I turned and I even had to shoo them off the road so they wouldn’t be in the way of the car on our way back out. They were very stubborn and noisy! But so cute!

Anyway… I recommend a visit between winter and early spring, as wandering around can get hot! It is worth the visit if you happen to be passing near Toowoomba and I am sure some of the international community would be very interested in ‘ole Aussie’ living.

Here are some photos of the day. I tried to copy the butcher’s pose but it failed miserably. So I won’t be uploading that one…

– Larissa


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