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One nurse’s journey to better global health

Gede and his team pose for a photo in Bali.

Gede is one of our students that makes us proud. Gede came from Bali, Indonesia and was awarded an Australia Award in 2015 and is now furthering his skills with a Master of Health Services Management at Griffith University.

Gede has been in Australia for one and half years and this is his 3rd semester at Griffith University. He came to Australia with his family and apart from enjoying studying himself, his family are also enjoying the culture here as well as the education opportunity for his kids. Gede used to work in Bali as a nurse and he has brought brightness to many blind people, especially those living in rural areas.  He is really proud of being a nurse, especially when the patients could see the beautiful world again after the surgery he did with his team. The sense of achievement and the happiness on the patients’ face made him love this job.

Gede attends to a patient in a rural clinic.

Gede working with a patient.

From his work experience in the past few years, Gede realised that he should do more study in health services to improve health outcomes and work opportunities in Bali. Eager for knowledge, he applied for an Australia Award (knowing he was 1 of 4200 candidates) to support him and help fulfill his dream. Fortunately, he was 1 of the 500 who achieved the award.

Gede and his team pose for a photo in Bali.

Gede and his team in Bali.

Gede is very happy with the support provided by the university, particularly his supervisor and online resources. After achieving his Masters degree his aim is to improve the hospital standard and service quality in Bali, applying the knowledge and skills he has gained in Australia to his home country and providing better help to the patients.

Good luck Gede!

– Carol

Carol is studying a Master of Marketing and is an active member of the Griffith Mates.

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  • David Domabong Adamu
    December 17, 2016 at 2:42 am

    Atually Gede has done well.
    That is all human life is for to care and comfort one another. And not to be searching and palling financial institutions with fat accounts which you die and abondone.
    To live a purposeful life is to have positive impact on society and not to be the world richest person.
    I aim at a future with obesity free life .