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Prateek’s career takes off ✈️

Prateek with President of CHC (Karl S. Fessenden)

Choosing Griffith University to pursue higher education was perhaps one of my most rewarding decisions I’ve ever made in my life. As an Aviation Safety graduate from Seneca College (Toronto, Canada), I was able to further advance my academic career with the opportunities made available through the institutional affiliation between Seneca and Griffith. Growing up as a child, “the dream” was always to become a commercial airline pilot. However, commencing my Masters’ degree in Aviation Management with Griffith has introduced me to other exciting facets and opportunities in aviation I was not previously aware of. My postgraduate journey has educated me with the knowledge, skills, and vision required to master the much greater industry challenges on a global scale. Moreover, Griffith has outstandingly broadened my career prospects as I now possess professional aptitudes beyond just the technical skills of piloting an aircraft.

Aside from the academics, I was very grateful to have also obtained a valuable networking opportunity by winning Dr. Peter Gardiner’s Aviation Grant and being invited to participate in the CHC Safety Summit held annually in Vancouver, Canada. CHC welcomes hundreds of aviation delegates from around the world to collaborate and openly share the foundations of their aviation safety philosophies and create a platform for learning and networking. I proudly represented Griffith as the selected grant winner and made valuable connections with many notable industry contacts – some of whom I’m sure I will know for the rest of my career. Networking plays a crucial role in aviation and having gained appreciated guidance from the right people at the right time was truly an honour.

Prateek with Dr Scott Shappel

With Dr Scott Shappel

Networking at CHC Safety Summit

Networking at CHC Safety Summit

Prateek at CHC summit

To make the most out of my education, not only do I look forward to fulfilling my childhood dream of flying for a reputable airline one day, I am also confident in seeing myself as a successful leader alongside and contributing to the management and growth of my organization. I will forever be grateful to Griffith for providing me with an exceptional student experience and I look forward to a ‘high-flying’ future in aviation!

– Prateek


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  • Kimmy
    June 15, 2018 at 6:24 pm

    congrats! great to know you are about to make your dreams come true!