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I’ve always been a veggies lover, and could never understand why they got such a bad rep and people avoided them so much (that means you older brother!)

However, lately there has been a change for the better! Due to the undoubted trend of health foods, people are more aware than ever of the health and nutritional value of what they are putting in their bodies. Finally delicious veggies are becoming a more appetizing and an increasing food on our plates!!

Café’s aren’t missing out on any of the action either, with many now offering anything from smoothie bowls and quinoa (keen-waa) salads to the classic avocado on toast. But hey, who has $15 a day to fork out (see what I did there) on an essentially ‘basic’ meal option? Not me that’s for sure!

So, keeping that in mind, how about a much cheaper alternative to an overpriced café salad, which you can make at home, include whatever you want in it and probably tastes better. *

Basics to building a salad:

  1. Choose your leaves iceberg, mesculin, spinach, mixed leaf (buy pre packaged from any decent grocery store)
  2. Mix it up with add-ins – think tomato, cucumber, capsicum, carrot, beetroot, pumpkin, peas (the more the better!)
  3. Bulk it up with proteinchicken/other meat, tinned fish, eggs, cheese, beans/chickpeas/lentils
  4. Give it substance with carbs cous cous, quinoa, rice, potato, pasta (try to opt for wholemeal)
  5. A little something extra nuts, seeds, pomegranate, croutons
  6. Top it off – seasoning, olive oil or dressing (separate container if you’re not eating straight away)

If you’re lacking inspiration some of my favourite recipe websites to hit up are jamieoliver, heidiapples or taste, alternatively you can just search #salad on instagram for some drool worthy pics!

#protip don’t forget when making your salad to consider if will you have a cool place to store it…

*self-satisfaction may influence taste (not that that’s a bad thing).

– Chelcie

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