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Tips for spending Christmas away from home

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. But for some, it can be incredibly lonely. If you have family interstate or overseas (like I do) then you know this pain all too well. It’s expensive to go home this time of year and many of us need to work over the Christmas holidays for extra cash. Here are a few things that you can do to make your Christmas feel full and festive.

1. Have a “friendmas”

I use to do this all the time with my friends who couldn’t go home either. We would get together and give each other little presents, make dinner and sit around the Christmas table with those silly hats on reading terrible jokes from the bonbons. If you can’t organise this at someone’s house you can always go to the park or beach!
Here in Australia we are blessed with a beautiful summer and many BBQs and picnic areas to have fun and organise an event.

2. Join in on Christmas activities and events

The Student Hub on the Gold Coast is providing a BBQ Christmas lunch with other students who aren’t able to be with their family, all you need to do is register. They are also providing karaoke and giveaways throughout the day. You have the chance to meet new people and make new friends with fellow students.

3. Go home after Christmas to see your family

Flights are so much cheaper after Christmas and there are lots of sales on! My family didn’t mind celebrating Christmas a few weeks later so I could come home and stay. We would still celebrate with food, presents and festive activities–it would just be cheaper and at a later date. This is especially helpful if you are working part-time over the Christmas period.

4. Celebrate on your own

If all else fails you can have a day by yourself. You can make your favourite food, visit Christmas markets and watch Christmas movies. It’s also the perfect time to call your friends and family on Skype and see how they are celebrating Christmas and share what you’re doing to celebrate.

Christmas is about celebrating with people. Whether that means Skyping your family on the day and having a good conversation, having a “friendmas” event or going to whatever event the University offers. You don’t have to be alone during the Christmas time.


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