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Stay neat and save time

Think about the time you spend every morning to find socks in your mountain  of clothes. Have you ever thought that with those 5 minutes or even more, you could relax with a nutritious breakfast before school. I have some basic tricks to help you become more organised and save time for more fun.

Let’s start with your wardrobe. It is best to sort out your clothes into groups and store them that way: tops in one drawer, pants in another draw, socks in another etc. You may also find it very helpful to arrange your clothes based on how often you wear them: l put them in  order of everyday wear, occasional or formal wear. It should be the same when you arrange your study desk and your kitchen. You will start to realize how convenient and enjoyable it is to have everything organised.

This tip is important: so you never  lose things you should always put everything  back where it belongs. If  you leave things lying around because it’s easy, then things will start to pile up and create clutter. To help you remember the place of things, you may try using labels with stickers. Soon you will be able  to grab things with your eyes closed!

Normally we have more time for ourselves in the evening, so instead of scrolling through  Instagram while lying in bed, try spending 10 minutes  thinking about what you are going to do the next day, then five more minutes getting your stuff ready. By planning your day in advance you will make the most of your time.

Last but not least, don’t be lazy! Remember, “On the way to success, there is no trace of lazy men”, don’t be lazy, even when you just need to fold clothes.

Small things make a big difference, if you have other ways to help save time, please share them in the comments below. Whatever the tip my best one is: just stay neat.


– Hang Nguyen   

I like to create stories full of fantasy and share them trough my photographs. My hobby is listening to any #chillout music in Youtube.

*Hang is from Vietnam and currently studying English at Griffith English Language Institute.



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