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Student ambassador of Costa de Oro

Contributed by Oscar, Master of Engineering 

When I first came to Australia, I was so excited about living on the Gold Coast. The Gold Coast is the most touristic city throughout Australia. It’s a city that from my perspective is like a small Florida as it collects beaches, clubs, parties, theme parks, restaurants, shopping and everything the tourist could want. There is a vibrant nightlife, but there is also entertainment for families, although I personally consider it more a destination for young people.

So far, living on the Gold Coast has been a great experience. People in “Costa de Oro” are always so relaxed, helpful, polite and happy. Of course the perfect weather always helps too. This city has offered me so much and somehow I wanted to be thankful to the city and give it back something from me. That’s the main reason that when I saw Study Gold Coast was looking for international student ambassadors I was the first in line.

When I had my interview I was nervous but I knew it was only to mention how great my time was in “Costa de Oro”, of course all supported with a charming smile. Luckily I became part of the Gold Coast International Student Ambassadors.


The main goal is to show people through events and especially through our personal media, how awesome this city is. We are 10 people from all around the world, and all of us really easy going.

The task of being an ambassador is to have so much fun with the other ambassadors through the theme parks, outdoors activities and tours. And yes, all is for free! How cool is that?!

Ambassadors at Sea World, Gold Coast

It’s like working in a job that you really enjoy and never want to end! I really appreciate the effort the council of “Costa de Oro” is doing to show that this city is a must to come, stay, study, live and love.

– Oscar

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