Summer has arrived!



How has everyone been? Are you all melting from the heat yet? I know I have.

Ipswich and Brisbane has been in the very high 30s for the past couple of weeks so summer has officially arrived!

I know it also because it has been hot and dry. And my poor garden is suffering. Watering twice a day in the early morning and evening, adding straw and mulch to prevent the shallow soil from drying out is not working very much.

Nearly all of my pansies are dying and all my marigold is scorched. My zucchini had gotten mould but I was able to save a few seeds. My one growing capsicum has shrivelled from the heat and my wheatgrass is turning to seed.

In all, lots of things are gone…

However, my beetroot, and herbs are all flourishing. Cornflowers keep popping out of nowhere and my chrysanthemums and chamomile are all flowering so I’m having plenty of tea (iced mind you) from my flowers with lemon balm at the moment.

And my cabbages- although slightly wilted from the heat, have definitely grown and my rose geranium is also starting to flower, slowly, and you can smell the turkish delightness from half a metre away!

Anyway, here are some of my pictures. If any of you are gardeners or know a bit, I would be willing to get some tips and tricks or if you have any ideas on what I should try growing!



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