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That’s what friends are for

That’s exactly how I feel! Being away from home and my family, studying in a new country where I have never been before was overwhelming to the point that I thought I couldn’t do it. I was scared and alone.

Being an introvert, I wasn’t the type to make friends or socialise well. I usually kept to myself, drowning in my emotions and feelings. I still remember the plane ride from Dubai to Australia thinking, ‘How am I going to survive my two years of postgraduate studies away from the closest people in my life? Will it be possible for me to thrive?’ Thankfully, I got my answers through the mates I made at Griffith University. On my first day, I was lost finding the class for my orientation until I met a girl who was dressed to the nines. She looked at me cheerfully and asked me my name. ‘Kavya’, I said,  and she smiled and replied, ‘I think we will be good friends’. That’s my first memory of Kanthi, who has been a friend  for more than a year.

It was funny how naturally we got along. As she had been in Brisbane long before me, she helped me settle in by helping me set up my Griffith account, talked to me about the places I should visit and became my tour guide. What’s ironic is that I thought she would be a friend in passing, someone I may not meet again, but it’s been almost two years and our friendship is still strong.

The other mate I met was by coincidence. As forgetful as I was, and partly clumsy, I was again lost finding my accommodation. I spotted a cute girl, busy scrolling through her phone. I went to her and asked if she could show me the way to the accommodation office and she very graciously accepted and walked with me to the accommodation hub. Her name is Jhansi.

I would say she is the reason I was able to thrive the first few weeks of uni. Being a domestic student, she understood the loneliness I was going through as an international student and helped me in settling in. She was the first person I went with to see the places nearby to uni; my first grocery shopping partner who helped me move my stuff and settle into my flat. She is truly a gem!

Also to the countless mates I have made over the years who have helped me in every way possible, either by helping me with assignments, going out for food and drinks with me, and listening to my never ending chats; I owe you guys big time. You are the reason my uni life has been well spent. Love you guys and hope to make more memories with you!


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