The beginnings of a garden

mint and tomato plants

Ever since I stumbled on the organic industry a few years ago, I have been working hard to eat as much organic produce as I can, and to support local farmers. Looking through the aisles of Flannerys and Wrays, I came across the term ‘self-sufficiency’ and it was from there, that I delved into the world of gardening, for both pleasure and health.

I have been unsuccessful at times, particularly in regards to strawberries and potatoes, but things are starting to grow…It has taken me a while to see what works, what doesn’t, the rules of companion gardening etc; but the most important thing I have learnt is the value of PATIENCE. Let me repeat: PATIENCE is a requirement, not just a virtue! Sometimes, seeds lay dormant for ages, others grow but soon die from the heat, – and that Cos lettuce is hardier than Red Oak!

Soon everything will be flourishing and there is nothing that compares to eating your own produce, compared to the prices you have to pay at the supermarket.

Ever since last year, we have bought some organic soil and some second hand crates. Things are starting to grow and we are getting dragonflies, ladybirds and even butterflies back into the garden. Pumpkin flowers are blooming, baby eggplants are out, bananas are bunching, I’ve got buk choy, lettuce, basil, parsley, oregano, and a whole lot of other things growing! But the most exciting is the heirloom tomatoes. There are more than a dozen getting plump and juicy.

But the thing I like most is mint! Apple mint and plain mint! And they grow like pesky weeds! So all the better. I am hoping to get my hands on some peppermint and chocolate-mint soon too. Yes! Apparently, such a mint does exist.

I have just planted some goji seedlings and some organic peaches and plums, amongst other things, so now I am waiting for them to start popping their heads out of the ground….I think I may need another crate soon, for all the stuff I am planning to do. …Anyway, these are some pictures of my garden in its earlier days. They are not the best, but hopefully they give you a snapshot of what can be done from small beginnings, and hopefully, of what I can soon be able to harvest!

Take care, and until next time,

 – Larissa


P.S. Next week is Sustainability Week! They’ll be markets, competitions, challenges, seminars and more…  Check out the Sustainability Week program to see what’s happening on your campus!


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