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The first few weeks…

Griffith Mates group photo

This time, I have kept this post short as I have a lot of photos I am sure you would love to browse through but I just wanted to write, that in case you haven’t noticed, the semester has officially started!

It is now Week 3 and I hope everyone is enjoying uni and making new friends. I hope you are being able to finally adjust with your schedules. And not stress too much, unlike us nursing students… 😉

The last few weeks, Griffith University has been a buzz. First with pre-enrolment labs, Orientation Week, beginning of semester parties, the Industry Mentoring launch at South Bank, friends’ graduations, and the Amazing Race. I can even tell you that the team Falcons won and it was a good prize! I was keeping track of the live results via Goosechase and seeing all the photos getting uploaded by the minute. It was a crazy day, with free lunch and many photos were taken. You can see the many hash-tagged photos floating on Facebook and Instagram somewhere…

I hope for you, the last few weeks have been slightly easy, but the mid-year exam period will be among us before you know it. So give yourself a break at this time, take the next few weeks off and enjoy life and to begin planning for your study before the semester starts to get overwhelming.

See you around,

 – Larissa


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